Utilise the power of customer sentiment analysis

Automatically analyse customer sentiments from every customer service email, chat, call, review, and survey.

Use meaningful insights from customer sentiment analysis to make your voice of the customer programme holistic.

Data-driven insights for customer-focused teams:
• Customer Service
• Customer Insights
• Product

SentiSum's customer sentiment analysis for VoC

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Customer sentiment analysis that deep-dives into problem areas

Improve customer experience and retention

Quickly recognise the pain points and friction areas troubling your customers and address them at the root to reduce customer churn and improve overall CX.

Know exactly which features to prioritise

Use authentic customer feedback data to identify the bottlenecks in your product and shape your product roadmap based on what your customers need.

Understand the drivers of metrics like NPS and CSAT

Discover what’s driving your NPS and CSAT scores, double down on the positives and improve on the negatives to boost these scores.

SentiSum uses a powerful AI engine to consistently tag and categorise your customer service conversations.

So you always get:

Actionable Insights

Consistent and accurate AI-based tagging that ensures you can confidently trust the insights.

Granular Analysis

A customised AI model for your data that goes deep into the root cause of every issue.

Automated Reporting

No-code AI platform that delivers real-time customer sentiment insights without manual tagging.

SentiSum is a single source of truth. In one simple-to-use dashboard, you'll understand the topic and sentiment of every customer conversation, survey and review.

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Photo of Catherine Onions, British Airways
Catherine Onions
Head of Customer Service

"With SentiSum, in less than 5 minutes, we are now able to understand the drivers of our advocacy from over 100k reviews."

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Joe Quinlivan
Head of Customer Care

"SentiSum is easy to set up and the insights are accurate. Every team has started using customer conversation insights!"

Johannes Ganter
Head of CRM & Digital

"We're very impressed by the technology itself, but even more so by the relentless effort the team puts in to support our specific use case."

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