The no-agenda evening for CX leaders

Its time to #DigIn Again



Count me in!

Come, DigIn with us for the last time in 2023

If you thought our last #DigIn was fun. This one's going to be even bigger & better!

And, if you couldn't make it to our last one, here's your chance.
This one's a different postcode, a different sunset.

It's the holidays, afterall!
But you know what's going to be the same?

The no-agenda,

no slideshows,

no selling,

no BS!

Just unhinged convervations, cocktails and nibbles.

We're bringing out the fireworks for December

Our Last Dig In Was A Lot Of Fun




Dig In to your customer support insights in a whole new way

Dig In is our first release in our Generative AI series, which allows you to, literally,"dig in" to your tickets in seconds to answer questions about your data.

Dig In extracts the most valuable insights and provides a quick, handy summary of important details such as what caused an issue or what customers loved about a product.

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The customer insights you want without any manual work

SentiSum's generative AI analyzes every customer conversation to answer all your CX questions.

Understanding and improving customer sentiment has never been easier
"You get the benefit of using the product's AI to review the tickets however you also have the option to dive deeper into specific drivers/topics."
"With SentiSum you go in, you open it up, and you see the stories being told to you. You see an increase in a particular topic and immediately understand why."
Nick Moreton
Director of Customer support
"SentiSum is easy to set up and the insights are accurate. Every team has started using customer conversation insights!"
Joe Quinlivan
Head of Customer Care
"We're very impressed by the technology itself, but even more so by the relentless effort the team puts in to support our specific use case."
Johannes Ganter
Head of CRM & Digital

How it works

SentiSum uses a powerful NLP engine to consistently tag and categorise your customer service conversations that's:

ML-based tagging focused on meaning, not keywords
Tags get to the root of the topic and uncover underlying patterns
Quickly understands specific sentiments of qualitative text
Trusted to trigger tag-based automation in milliseconds
Supports all channels, 100's of languages, & 1000's of platforms
Simple, easy-to-use dashboard available to all teams
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