Using SentiSum's real-time topic and sentiment recognition, Gousto centralised insights from nine voice of customer channels into one platform. Now every team across the business can self-serve insights and make decisions that improve the customer's experience.

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The Challenge

Gousto scaled rapidly over the past couple of years, making it difficult to quickly understand the voice of the customer from their quickly growing customer contacts and acquired customer feedback.

As a company that is "customer and data obsessed across all areas of the business", Gousto wanted to explore ways to leverage their free text data to improve customer experience, drive retention and reduce the need for customer to contact them moving forward.

Gousto identified one key important factor when looking for a tool to analyze and pull insight from their customer feedback: The tool must be able to bring accurate, granular insight from all voice of customer channels into one central platform, so that every team could use those insights to do better work.

The Outcome

Gousto plugged-in each of their voice of customer channels (from voice calls to NPS surveys) with SentiSum. With the real-time tagging and categorisation in place, the Gousto team now had an accurate, objective understanding of customer sentiment and the topics driving customer contact.

Gousto teams from across the business—from operations to marketing—now have the ability to self-serve voice of customer data they can trust. By prioritising access to voice of their customer data, Joe and his team at Gousto have made it easier for everyone in the company to tackle friction points, improve customer experience and make customer-centric decisions.

Working together, Gousto is now driving improvements that reduce customer contact and increase retention rates.

"The simplicity of the UI makes the tooling accessible to everyone in the business without the need for extensive training, which is often prohibitive to true self-serviceable insights."

Joe Quinlivan, Head of Customer Care at Gousto

SentiSum's Impact

Accurate recognition and categorisation.

SentiSum's NLP technology reads, tags and categorises all Gousto support conversations and survey feedback in real-time. This helps Gousto quickly understand important voice of customer data.

"We view an investment into NLP technology as an investment into customer experience. By unlocking actionable insight from qualitative customer contact data, we are able to remain focused on driving overall customer experience—Joe Quinlivan, Head of Customer Care

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Open access to customer data.

Making decisions in a customer-centric way is critical to Gousto's continued growth. SentiSum improved access to customer insights, so that they were easily understandable and self-serviceable by everyone in their +1,000 employee team. Now everyone can make decisions that are positive for the customer.

"All functions across the business have access to the tool, they use it for a variety of reasons from discovery work to identifying any customer friction points and driving broader strategy for the business."—Joe Quinlivan, Head of Customer Care

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Improved customer satisfaction & loyalty.

SentiSum made it fast and easy to have access to up-to-date voice of customer data. Gousto use those insights to quickly take action against customer friction, proactively improving customer experience and retention rates.

"Through using Sentisum we've significantly reduced the time it takes to unearth customer insights, and we now understand these at a much more granular level which allows us to quickly put actions in place to drive improvements."—Joe Quinlivan, Head of Customer Care

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Johannes Ganter

Joe Quinlivan, Head of Customer Care at Gousto

What were the major pain points of your process prior to using SentiSum?

As a fast growing company, the number of interactions we have with our customers continues to increase.

As we scaled, it was therefore increasingly difficult, but also increasingly important to make sure that we were able to quickly understand the voice of our customers by leveraging technology.

Would you describe a few of the reasons you decided to buy SentiSum?

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How do you and your team currently use SentiSum?

We use the tooling to give open access to our voice of the customer data across the business for teams to self-serve insights for anything from discovery work for Tech initiatives through to root cause analysis for any operational complaints to guide improvements.

All functions across the business have access to the tool which enables them to utilise the voice of the customer for a variety of reasons from discovery work to identifying any customer friction points and driving broader strategy for the business.

What’s the impact been on the team? And yourself?

We use SentiSum as an enabler to insights. We leverage those insights to improve customer experience and retention, whilst reducing customer contacts.

These metrics, of course, have a number of different influencing factors which make it difficult to quantify the exact impact. But SentiSum helps us to significantly reduce the lead time to unearthing customer insights and sharing these across the business, which allows us to positively improve these metrics.

What do you hope to achieve in the future with SentiSum?

As Gousto continue to scale, our number of use cases for our contact data will continue to evolve and expand. Through partnering with Sentisum, we hope to continue to collaborate on finding innovative ways to best utilise tech and data to drive our customer experience forward.

Any final bits of advice to others considering SentiSum?

Go for the free trial! Through the offer of a free trial alongside a flexible monthly agreement, Sentisum clearly display their confidence in their product which was reassuring.

The free trial gave us the ability to truly understand their functionality without being locked into a long-term agreement upfront.

Ready to learn more?

"The trial showed SentiSum's confidence in their product, and it let us truly understand their functionality without being locked into an agreement upfront."—Joe Quinlivan, Head of Customer Care