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We use conversation analytics to turn support chats into actionable insight

Our Story

We care about making people happy: you, your team and your customer.

In the past, customer support has been underrated. Your performance is measured in productivity metrics and you’re asked to report the same old numbers every week.

But no more. We believe that the customer support team is the number one source of the customer’s voice. You hold a goldmine of insight that can be leveraged to build wonderful customer experiences and reduce unnecessary customer churn.

There’s millions of live chats taking place every day. Each one is an unbiased source from which to understand customer pain points.

Yet businesses still spend thousands of pounds every year running NPS surveys, wishing they could understand the reasons for churn and brand advocacy. We know because we spent years helping them do it. 

But now we're focusing on the future: support conversations.

We want the Head of Customer support to be able to walk into any department across the company, and hand them a list of actionable insights for improving customer experience and reducing complaint volumes.

Your new confidence comes from conversation analytics. A detailed understanding of the drivers of customer contact. You'll now know those drivers in real-time, so reporting will never be irrelevant. You'll now be able to proactively reduce support ticket volumes. And, you'll now be able to share actionable insight to relevant teams across your organisation daily.

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Why your team will love SentiSum

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Save hours of time
Say goodbye to manual data sorting, topic tagging, and analysis.
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Fastest time to insight
You'll know the main drivers of customer contact as they flow in to Zendesk.
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Makes CX collaborative
Every team is pushed insight relevant to their work. So CX is clearly on their to-do list.
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Truly multichannel
We bring insight from every channel into one place. So you cover every base.
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Reduce churn
Understand churn signals and actively prevent them.
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Improve insight accuracy
With automated topic tagging, you'll no longer leave it to your agents to accurately tag chats.
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Easy and understandable
We make your customer's issue understandable to everyone so you can be truly customer-centric.
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Predictive analytics
Plan your workforce effectively now you know expected ticket volumes.
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Zendesk integration
We are live in the Zendesk marketplace so you can go live more easily.
"We have saved hours of manual sorting of free customer text and achieved an objectivity which eluded us"
Sean Mckee, Head of Ecommerce & CX
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