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We're on a mission to bring together customer-obsessed people from different industries to share their unfiltered experiences & learnings with each other. This is a space of growth, passion, inspiration & a whole lot of fun.

Meet our Community Manager

With a background as a customer service agent, I absolutely love hearing about all of the fantastic things people are learning from their customers on a daily basis. 
Whether you’re all about creating a good agent culture or you want to reminisce about the craziest things you’ve seen in your career, reach out to me on LinkedIn for a chat!

Support Insights Podcast

Through each episode we chat with Support leaders from businesses like Figma, Miro, Supercell, Hotjar, Printify who passionately talk about customer service, culture, team building & a lot more to equip you with insights, learnings and 100% practical advice.
Community Meetup

“Thanks again for having me at the event. I found the event genuinely enjoyable- think you've struck a really good balance with networking but in an informal setting. Some networking events can feel a bit like sales speed dating- I actually didn't get any sales follow ups :)”

Joe Quinlivan

Head of Customer Care

“It was a great event and our team had a great time. t was cool to meet like-minded people and we intrinsically started talking about CS and subsequently learning something in the process, so that was really cool. Thanks again, and hope to see you guys again soon.”

Ivan Yeung

Senior Customer Success Manager

“I very much enjoyed the night, and it was a great experience – it was my first networking event since I’ve joined Oliver Bonas, and it was delightful. I was nervous at first even though I had my colleague but the people I met were so welcoming that I felt at ease straight away! It was very interesting learning about other businesses. Equally, it was nice to talk about our company.”

Aida Ghirmani

Operations Co-ordinator

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