Our prices are flexible and scale depending on number of channels, users, and ticket volume—please reach out for specific pricing.

We've dramatically improved our CX, products and processes using SentiSum insights.

Director of Customer Service, +$50m revenue fast-growth company

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From £500/mo
What's included:
  •   2 data channel analytics
  •   Up to 5,000 conversations/ month*
  •   Sentiment analysis
  •   Topic analysis
  •   Unlimited logins
  •   Dedicated CSM
  •   Free trial

* one conversationne support ticket, review, survey or NPS feedback.


What's included:
  •   Bring every feedback and contact channel together
  •   Automated prioritisation and triage tags
  •   Unlimited logins
  •   Unlimited volume
  •   Customised AI model
  •   Dedicated CSM
  •   Free trial

Return on investment

Decrease ticket volume
37% ticket reduction

In this case study, our customer reduced ticket volume by 37% thanks to a new issue they uncovered with SentiSum

Reduce agent costs
5 FTE time saved

Completely eliminate manual ticket tagging, analytics and reporting to the equivalent of 5 a full time employee every month.

Keep customers for longer
Reduce churn

We uncover drivers of dissatisfaction, friction and churn. Imagine we reduce your churn rate by just 5%.

The data shows a reduction in churn by just 5% can increase profits up to 95%.

Evidence from our customers
Customer stories

Read our customer stories to find out how global, innovative companies are leverage support tickets to grow, fast and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your AI accurate, or am I getting sold snake oil?

The accuracy of every NLP software depends on the context. Some industries and organisations have very complex issues, some are easier to understand.

Our technology surfaces more granular insights and is very accurate compared to (1) customer service agents, (2) built-in keyword tagging tools, (3) other providers who use more generic AI models or ask you to build a taxonomy yourself.

We build you a customised taxonomy and maintain it continuously with the help of our dedicated data scientists. That means the accuracy of your tags are not dependent on the work you put in.

Either way, we recommend you start a free trial. Included in the trial is 12 months of historical analysis—more than enough for you to prove it works.


Do you integrate with my systems? How long is that going to take?

We're an independent company that's customer obsessed.

Which means we can (and will) quickly build you an integration if we don't already have it. View our current integrations here.

We aim for a one week turn around. That includes building a custom AI model for your data.


What size company do you usually work with? Is this valuable for me?

We have customers ranging from 4 new tickets per day to thousands per day.

But, usually customers with greater than 10,000 monthly support tickets see significant value from SentiSum.

The more data the better, and the more tickets to manually tag and analyse the more sense it makes to automate them.


Are you going to keep me in a long-term contract I can't escape from?

No, never.

Our contracts are always done on a monthly-rolling basis. If you're not getting value, we'd rather you're happy than stuck.


How do you keep my data private?

We're extremely cautious with your data. With customers the size of British Airways and Schuh, we have to be.

Reach out to us for more information.

“We can now proactively identify negative feedback, respond to it, and fix issues.”

Jack Ames

Contact Centre Manager

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