How this leading online tyre retailer supercharged Zendesk to get next-gen customer insights

This eCommerce retailer first reached out to us to better understand their customer reviews and NPS scoring, but once they saw what we could do with support data they quickly jumped on the opportunity. Here's the case study:
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The customer chose to remain anonymous. Download the one pager case study here.

This leading D2C tyre retailer needed to better understand why users were leaving negative reviews, Facebook comments and contacting their support team. Without manually analysing thousands of reviews and live chats, they couldn't quantify the issues and, therefore, struggled to prioritise the change that mattered most to their customer.

When we partnered, we worked closely with the Head of Customer Support. Our customer analytics dashboard helped him to understand at a granular level why customers contact the support centre, identifying the most frequent queries so the company could work to resolve them. In short, the team was able to proactively solve the leading causes of customer pain at the root, thanks to a deeper understanding of them.

As an innovative company, driving change is top of the agenda. Adopting a product like SentiSum, meant that decisions could be data-backed without all the manual work. Our Zendesk integration meant that every support ticket was tagged and categorised as they come in by a customised AI engine, providing an objectivity previously unattainable for the retailer.

Unlike Zendesk's own 'tagging' capabilities, which are high level, rule-based and only find a singular topic in each conversation, SentiSum's AI understands multiple drivers behind each ticket in enough detail to take action on.

Step 1

Read customer data, understand topics and uncover detailed insight.

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Step 2

Prioritise impactful change, identify causes of negative sentiment.

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Step 3

Take action to improve NPS, reduce support tickets and create change.

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Q&A: Two minutes with the Head of Customer Support

Interviewer: Sharad Khandelwal, CEO at SentiSum

Reduce friction
Clearer prioritisation
Hours of time saved

Sharad: Let's start at the beginning. How do you currently use our platform?

Head of Customer Support: SentiSum helps us understand our customers feedback instantly, identifying key issues in our customer journey and take action to fix them. It also highlights negative online feedback allowing us to proactively respond to it within minutes, and supports us in understanding why customers are contacting us and identifying the most common queries allowing us to work on reducing the effort to resolve this.

Sharad: If you had to tell someone else why they should use SentiSum's platform, what would you say?

Head of Customer Support: It really helps us understand not only what our customers are saying but how they are feeling. It helps us proactively fix issues for future transactions and understand why customers contact us. The team are always on hand to look at new things they can do to help and to provide greater insights into particular themes or issues.

Sharad: What has been the biggest impact in the way you work since your team got SentiSum?

Head of Customer Support: We now use SentiSum to identify improvements we need to make in our process. Whilst the obvious ones have always been there SentiSum helps us identify issues that previously could have gone unnoticed and would have continued to cause issues for our customers.

Sharad: What has been the biggest impact in your company-customer relationships since your team got SentiSum?

Head of Customer Support:  We can now proactively identify online negative feedback from our customers, respond to it and fix issues.

Sharad: What about you personally? As a customer-centric leader, in what way has SentiSum been useful to you?

Head of Customer Support:  It has taken away manual collation of data for why customers contact us. It has also given data that helps us drive change without again manually having to try and collate information or feedback on why something needs to improve.

Making sense of +50,000 data points regularly was a difficult task before we started working together. Now the company has a real-time, objective and comprehensive view of the customer.

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