Survey Monkey

Our SurveyMonkey sentiment analysis integration.

Get granular insights on your customer surveys with our SurveyMonkey text and sentiment analysis tool.

Startups love us, enterprises trust us.

How It Works

Accurate. Granular. Fast.

Sentisum uses the latest advances in natural language processing to analyze your calls, chats, emails, and survey results.

It doesn't tag tickets like a human. We're slow and make mistakes.

Our AI is the opposite, even at huge scales it understands the nuances of complex speech and text.

You'll have detailed tags and trend analytics on the drivers of sentiment—whatever the support channel.

About our Tech

What our SurveyMonkey analytics integration does

Improve agent productivity

Auto-triage support queries to the right team in real-time and reduce your average handle time

Extract valuable insights

Make your ticket tags accurate and granular, and then turn those those into easy-to-access insights

Improve CX and sales

Automatically prioritise important customer queries based on urgency, risk, and sentiment

Accurately automate tagging at a granular level

SentiSum automatically tags every survey result with detailed topics and sentiment.

You'll have valuable insights at your fingertips, which you can use to drive improvements business-wide.

Collaborate against customer friction

With automated daily reporting, customisable views and company-wide access to insights, everyone can work together easily to tackle the drivers of customer frustration.

What's the impact?

Quantify & confirm assumptions

Reduce weekly reporting time by 20x

Understand and tackle friction points

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Is your AI accurate, or am I getting sold snake oil?

The accuracy of every NLP software depends on the context. Some industries and organisations have very complex issues, some are easier to understand.

Our technology surfaces more granular insights and is very accurate compared to (1) customer service agents, (2) built-in keyword tagging tools, (3) other providers who use more generic AI models or ask you to build a taxonomy yourself.

We build you a customised taxonomy and maintain it continuously with the help of our dedicated data scientists. That means the accuracy of your tags are not dependent on the work you put in.

Either way, we recommend you start a free trial. Included in the trial is historical analysis of your data—more than enough for you to prove it works.

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