Text & sentiment analytics for Zendesk

Automatically tag every Zendesk conversation with sentiment, topic, urgency and more. Get granular insights and power automations like routing and prioritization.

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What our Zendesk integration does for you

Improve agent productivity

Auto-triage support queries to the right team in real-time and reduce your average handle time

Extract valuable insights

Make your ticket tags accurate and granular, and then turn those those into easy-to-access insights

Improve CX and sales

Automatically prioritise important customer queries based on urgency, risk, and sentiment

Accurately automate tagging at root cause level

SentiSum automatically tags every conversation with detailed topics and sentiment. You'll have valuable insights at your fingertips, which you can use to drive improvements business-wide.

Collaborate against customer friction

With automated daily reporting, customisable views and company-wide access to insights, everyone can work together easily to tackle the drivers of customer frustration.

Reduce cost-to-serve with automation

With AI-based tags, you’re able to triage or prioritise inquiries based on their topic or sentiment. You’ll save time, improve customer experience, and increase sales.

What's the impact?

Decrease ticket volume

Quantify & confirm assumptions

Reduce reporting time

Reduce weekly reporting time by 20x

Understand pain points

Understand and tackle friction points

Frequently asked questions

What is sentiment analysis for Zendesk?

Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, is a natural language processing technique used to identify and extract subjective information from text data.When applied to Zendesk, sentiment analytics tools provide insights into the satisfaction of your customers. Combined with topic analysis in integrations like ours, analytics tells you what topics and issues are driving the greatest frustration for your customers.

Who's using Zendesk sentiment analytics?

Loads of them! Our clients include leading software companies like Hotjar and Hopin. Household names like James Villas and British Airways are also amongst our thriving customer base.Read their case studies here and get some tips on your support processes.

What kind of Zendesk ticket insights can I get?

Support tickets can contain valuable insights that can help organizations improve their products, services, and customer support processes. Our customers use sentiment and text analytics to uncover common customer issues, customer satisfaction drivers, support agent performance, and product feedback issues.Read our full guide to the importance and use cases of customer service analytics here.

What is text analytics for Zendesk?

Text analytics refers to the process of analyzing unstructured text data to extract useful information such as entities, topics, themes, and relationships. Sentiment analysis, on the other hand, is a specific type of text analytics that focuses on identifying and classifying the emotional tone or sentiment expressed in text data.SentiSum combines both techniques to give deep customer insights and granular tagging capabilities.

What is the best tool for sentiment analysis?

SentiSum has developed a machine learning-based natural language processor specifically to tackle the complexities of customer support conversations. Our team handles all the complex parts, you get easy access to an intuitive insights and automation platform.

Visit our homepage to watch a short demo of our software in action.

What are the use cases of AI-powered ticket tags?

AI tags can help you reduce handle time, improve productivity and tackle ticket volume at the root cause. But they're also useful outside of the customer support department, for example in the product and marketing teams.Here are 22 ways to use AI tags across your business.

Is your AI accurate, or am I getting sold snake oil?

The accuracy of every NLP software depends on the context. Some industries and organisations have very complex issues, some are easier to understand.

Our technology surfaces more granular insights and is very accurate compared to (1) customer service agents, (2) built-in keyword tagging tools, (3) other providers who use more generic AI models or ask you to build a taxonomy yourself.

We build you a customised taxonomy and maintain it continuously with the help of our dedicated data scientists. That means the accuracy of your tags are not dependent on the work you put in.

Either way, we recommend you start a free trial. Included in the trial is historical analysis of your data—more than enough for you to prove it works.

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