Optimize customer support with Zendesk workflow automation

With SentiSum's workflow automation suite, your agents will save hours of time and handle tickets faster.

Customer support ticket analytics and insights using AI automation

"It's exciting to be able to easily show other departments what's causing huge increases in ticket volume or negative feedback."

Director of Customer Service, +$50m revenue fast-growth company

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Understand every conversation, in real-time

Our customer's want new insights.—things they don't already know. Which is why we build you an AI engine that's unique to your data.

It's trained and maintained to understand your support tickets and surveys at a granular level. And it continually surfaces new and rising topics so you never miss a thing.

We're also the only company to cover every contact & feedback channel out there, voice included. It's multi-lingual, too.

Augementations, not automations

Zendesk workflow automation | AI-based automations

Granular, automated ticket tags

Let agents focus on service, and not on filling fields. Our AI-powered tagging engine is the #1 way to auto-apply granular ticket tags to support tickets as the come in.

Turn negative reviews and comments into tickets, automatically

Our sentiment analytics engine continuously analyses your review sites and social channels, and identifies negative feedback in real-time. You can respond quickly and prevent damaging brand events.

Turn negative reviews and comments into tickets, automatically
Intelligently route and prioritize tickets

Intelligently route and prioritize tickets

Our routing and prioritization Zendesk workflow automation ensures important or high impact tickets are queued first. You'll reduce time to first response on tickets that deserve it, and ensure every customer is satisfied.

Zendesk workflow automation: skill routing in customer service

Skill routing in customer service is an organisational structure where customer support teams are structured into specialised sub-teams.

These teams are more experience in their area and can, therefore, handle requests faster. This works particularly well when you have a team to handle a urgent issue—for example, customers at high risk of leaving your company, those who are very angry and or have experienced an issue multiple times, could be handled by a dedicated team who are empowered to provide compensation immediately.

Why replace your existing tagging system?

Most tagging systems take a lot of manual work or the insights can't be trusted to back up business decisions. Usually tags are inaccurate, inconsistent or generic, so customer support is like a black box.

Before SentiSum

  • Tags are broad and require manual digging
  • Tags become outdated so insight is missed
  • Tags are based on 'keywords' = inaccurate
  • Tags are applied inconsistently by agents
  • Reporting is still time-consuming

After SentiSum

  • Tags are granular and get to the heart of the issue
  • Tag taxonomies are continuously up-to-date
  • Tagging is machine-learning based = accurate
  • Tags are applied consistently to 100% of your tickets
  • Reporting is made simple with automation
  • Tags can be trusted to guide triggers, automations and company-wide improvements

All your channels under one roof

SentiSum is a single source of truth. In one simple-to-use dashboard, you'll understand the topic and sentiment of every customer conversation, survey and review.

“We can now proactively identify negative feedback, respond to it, and fix issues.”

Jack Ames

Contact Centre Manager

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