Automated Zendesk tag reporting

With SentiSum simple-to-use dashboard, reporting actionable tag insights takes minutes instead of hours. Report both qualitative and quanitative insights to inform product roadmaps and improve customer experience across your organisation.

Customer support ticket analytics and insights using AI automation

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What it looks like to use machine learning tagging in your customer support system

How it works

SentiSum is built using machine-learning based NLP. It's designed to understand and tag customer contacts in a way that's:

1/ Accurate: It tags based on meaning, not keywords.

2/ Granular: Tags get to the root cause of the topic.

3/ Real-time: Everything happens in milliseconds.

You can trust SentiSum tags to underpin strategic change across your business.

P.s. We cover 100s of languages and channels (even voice.)

Granular ticket tag reporting for Zendesk

Zendesk automated reports | Ticket tag reporting

Simple Zendesk tag mapping across every channel

Our AI tag solution understand and applies multi-level ticket tags. You'll have a granular understanding of the topics driving customer contact—historically and today.

Search every ticket with Zendesk reporting based on ticket tag

Like Google for customer support, you'll be able to answer questions from other teams by simply searching for an answer.

It's truly multichannel. We've even cracked voice—so you can search historical phone calls for insight.

Say goodbye to manually analytics and reporting.

Search every ticket with Zendesk reporting based on ticket tag
AI tagging that powers auto-routing and prioritisation

AI tagging that powers auto-routing and prioritisation

There's no longer any need to rely on customer's self-tagging or an agent manually tagging tickets. Blast through queues by getting requests in the right inbox automatically, in real-time.

Why replace your existing tagging system?

Most tagging systems take a lot of manual work or the insights can't be trusted to back up business decisions. Usually tags are inaccurate, inconsistent or generic, so customer support is like a black box.

Before SentiSum

  • Tags are broad and require manual digging
  • Tags become outdated so insight is missed
  • Tags are based on 'keywords' = inaccurate
  • Tags are applied inconsistently by agents
  • Reporting is still time-consuming

After SentiSum

  • Tags are granular and get to the heart of the issue
  • Tag taxonomies are continuously up-to-date
  • Tagging is machine-learning based = accurate
  • Tags are applied consistently to 100% of your tickets
  • Reporting is made simple with automation
  • Tags can be trusted to guide triggers, automations and company-wide improvements

All your channels under one roof

SentiSum is a single source of truth. In one simple-to-use dashboard, you'll understand the topic and sentiment of every customer conversation, survey and review.

How can customer service automation help scaling teams?

In a company that's scaling fast, automations are a must to implement as soon as possible.

When you're scaling, your team needs to be able to act and act fast. When they're bogged down by manual processes, there are barriers to the more strategic work that's going to drive your company forward. Workflow automation solves this problem.

Customer service automation technology, like SentiSum, is quick to implement and can save everyone on your team hours of work. So they can continue to provide excellent customer experiences.


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