49 powerful voice of the customer tools

Drive customer satisfaction and tackle churn with these powerful voice of the customer tools.

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Consumer needs, expectations and behaviours are changing with every passing second. The market is diversifying and consumers expect personalised and seamless brand interactions. To keep up, brands are investing more in market research and customer support tools to enhance the customer experience.

Whether you're looking to retain happy customers or turn potential customers into loyal customers, investment in a voice of customer program is an important part of the journey. In this article, we’ll thoroughly address voice of the customer research, from its definition and history through to the methodologies and voice of the customer tools you must start using.


What are voice of the customer tools?

Voice of the Customer tools are software applications that gather opinions, views, and feedback from your customers. The tools make it simple and easy to collect, analyse and distribute the customer's voice so that your team can make more customer-centric decisions.

Voice of customer tools typically help in one or more of these three ways: collection of feedback, feedback analytics, reporting of feedback. Feedback collection tools include survey makers, survey placers and web scraping tools. Feedback analytics tools include AI text analytics, AI support ticket tagging, sentiment analysis, and data-mapping tools. Reporting tools are usually built in to the previous two, showing the customer insights in a digestible way so that teams across the company can leverage them for growth.

29 of the top voice of the customer tools

There are plenty of voice of the customer tools in the market and we’ve picked out the most useful and innovative solutions. Any voice of the customer tools must be able to output insight that’s actionable—that’s our number one criteria. Without action, feedback is useless.

Here are the top 29 tools to actively measure and analyse Voice of the Customer:

1. SentiSum

SentiSum's use AI to uncover actionable insights from support tickets, surveys and reviews.

From 100,000s of NPS survey results to tens of thousand of monthly customer support tickets, SentiSum automatically surfaces actionable customer insight and makes it accessible company-wide.

SentiSum allows you to browse reason for customer contact, CSAT or NPS drivers, and negative reviews and social media comments with ease and simplicity.

SentiSum Dashboard

What you can do with SentiSum:

  • Automate support ticket tagging to get insights from customer service
  • Sentiment analytics across surveys and reviews
  • Make voice call data 'searchable'. By transcribing voice into text, and doing AI analytics, you'll have access to a previously inaccessible voice of customer source.

Reach out for a product demo here.

2. Medallia

Medallia's Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) can gather a lot of client feedback from different overview sources, including web, email, and telephone. When gathered, you can have reports sent legitimately to your telephone. What's incredible about this tool is that it can likewise be coordinated with most undertaking asset arranging frameworks, which assist clients with contrasting financials and client encounters. To have explicit and extensive information about this tool, you can pay a visit to www.medallia.com.

Image of Medallia Software

3. ResponseTek

ResponseTek gives client experience programming and administration to its clients. Clients can get too focused on overviews and haphazardly select clients relying upon their activities. It gathers information by conveying email welcomes, or the product gathers it from your site and web-based media. ResponseTek makes definite client venture information reports, for example, the kind of cooperation, touchpoint, income, agitate decrease, and that's just the beginning. To have an idea of the detailed structure and applications of the software visit their website www.responsetek.com.

ResponseTek Software Screenshot

4. Clarabridge

Clarabridge is a concentrated centre point that takes information from different sources, for example, (various) study types, contact focus specialist notes, web-based media, visit, voice, email, and so forth These various sorts of input would all be able to be handily sifted empowering clients to enhance their site likewise. Utilizing its Natural Language Processing innovation, that joins text examination, supposition investigation, etymological categorization, and feeling discovery. If you have any confusion or any doubts concerning this particular software, do pay a visit to their website www.clarabridge.com and get assured.

Clarabridge Software Screenshot

5. InMoment

InMoment is a cloud-based client experience streamlining stage. Through its Experience Hub, InMoment offers product arrangements including Social Reviews and Advocacy, Employee Engagement arrangements, and its Voice of the Customer (VoC) stage. The VOC stage, specifically, gives online reports, ongoing alarms, and events to the executives. How it works is it joins study information with client information from different sources, for example, CRM, social, and financials. A visit to their professionally maintained and run website www.inmoment.com will give you a broader and clearer picture of the data and information related to the software.

InMoment Software Screenshot

6. Confirmit

Confirmit gives client experience, worker commitment, and statistical surveying arrangements. With this instrument, clients can choose numerous overview projects and put measurements from these studies together into one dashboard. It is one of the best software available in the world of customer management. Do pay a visit to their website www.confirmit.com and that’s all it takes you to realize the capabilities and promising nature of this software.


7. Wootric

Wootric is an endeavour to criticize the executive's programming that utilizes single-question micro surveys. The greater part of these studies incorporate measurements, for example, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES). What's particularly extraordinary about this instrument is that it very well may be introduced rapidly and without any problem. All input (when gathered) is shipped off your live dashboard for audit. Wootric's examination stage is accessible to clients, yet then as an independent item to organizations that need to upgrade their VoC program with text and feeling investigation. Go and have a look at their website www.wootric.com and it would paint a distinctive and promising picture of the software.

Wootric Software Screenshot

8. NICE Satmetrix

Co-engineer of Net Promoter Score, Satmetrix is a notable, cloud-based VoC software. Satmetrix offers advanced customer research with categorisation, for example, area, industry, or item division. Clients can distribute positive input (given by customers) via online media. The software has tons of features that are very fascinating and intriguing from the user’s point of view. Do look on their website www.satmetrix.com for a set of product details.

Nice Image

9. Verint ForeSee

Verint ForeSee is a multi-channel client experience investigation programming that empowers clients to organize CX ventures. The ForeSee CX Suite offers client started overviews, meeting replay and warmth maps (accessible for sites and cell phones), text examination, issue following and cautions, and item surveys. Reports can be traded and partaken in configurations, for example, Excel, CSV, and PowerPoint. To have explicit and extensive information about this tool, you can pay a visit to www.foresee.com.

Verint Software Screenshot

10. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow's voice of client programming assists clients with building and actualizing an extraordinary VoC program. The instrument has different UIs, for example, visits like studies and conversational structures. Clients can rapidly make studies and can browse distinctive inquiry models. Utilizing distinctive study topics, you can undoubtedly plan and alter the appearance of your Voice of Customer review to mirror your image's character. If you want to be sure of every detail concerning the software do visit their website www.surveysparrow.com.

Survey Sparrowe Software Screenshot

11. Getfeedback

GetFeedback is a feedback apparatus that is a lot of zeroed in on the end-client experience. This is a decent apparatus for novices as it is anything but difficult to utilize. Clients can add rich and enhanced media (for example pictures and recordings) to the study and tweak the foundation picture and textual styles to make it their own. Investigation of the information is basic as the apparatus places all information into diagrams for the client, anyway, the client can't catch up with clients which can be somewhat of a disadvantage. The software does justice to its name and excels in terms of feedback. You can pay a visit to their website www.getfeedback.com and get introduced to the minutest of details.

GetFeedback Software Screenshot

12. Qualtrics

Qualtrics Experience Management Platform offers various diverse information assortment strategies including feedback for websites/products, email reviews, and social input. It likewise incorporates a closed loop tagging highlight that stays up with the latest on client corporations just as job-based dashboards. From their promises to their strategies a complete outlook to every detail associated with the software can be accessed on their website www.qualtrics.com.

Qualtrics Software Screenshot

13. AskNicely

AskNicely is an NPS survey tool that gathers input consistently utilizing one-off studies impacts. The 'leaderboards' permit clients to fragment and classify various channels, workers, and items to survey execution. It tends to be incorporated with your CRM or local help programming, from which you can react straightforwardly. You can also visit their website www.asknicely.com and get hold of the minutest details associated with the software.

AskNicely Software Screenshot

14. Feedier

Feedier names itself as the 'cutting edge criticism device'. This SMB VoC instrument can be utilized in a variety of channels, for example, email, web-based media, and your item application. It additionally gives intuitive interfaces to the reviews with activities and rankings (to keep it new!). All insights are accumulated continuously and can be coordinated with Zapier, Slack, and numerous other computerized venture executives instruments. Go to their website www.feedier.com and acknowledge the wide array of valuable insight concerning the software that has been put on their website.

Feedier Software Screenshot

15. Feedbackify

Feedbackify is a device that permits clients to make a criticism structure utilizing an intuitive proofreader. It is anything but difficult to introduce - you should simply reorder the Javascript tag into the HTML of the page you need to add it to and it's ready for action. Guests can give a rating just as they submit remarks, including praises and recommendations. Input is gotten in your inbox. Go and have a look at their website www.feedbackify.com and it would paint a distinctive and promising picture of the software.

Feedbackify Software Screenshot

16. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is useful for making short and effectively open overviews. These show up at the lower part of the screen as a gadget and empower the client to survey guests utilizing straightforward inquiries. There is additionally an element inside this instrument that permits clients to make governs concerning where reviews are set off and with which questions - in which case an input structure will spring up inconspicuously at the lower part of the screen. A visit to their professionally maintained and run website www.qualaroo.com will give you a broader and clearer picture of the data and information related to the software.

Qualaroo Software Screenshot

17. Survicate

This apparatus is fundamentally the same as Qualaroo concerning structure and plan. With this instrument, clients can incite focused on-site overviews at various areas on the site. The apparatus additionally incorporates a library of predefined studies. To break down criticism, Survicate offers both a dashboard and the capacity to send out answers as CSV or get reports in your inbox. If you have any confusion or any doubts concerning this particular software, do pay a visit to their website www.survicate.com and get assured.

Survicate Software Screenshot

18. Pulse Insights

Pulse Insights is fundamentally the same as Qualaroo and Survicate. They give miniature studies that ask 1-2 in-setting inquiries to get input from clients. It is anything but difficult to-utilize. Pulse Insights provide a very user-friendly space and the applications of the software leave the audience awestruck. Do visit their website www.pulseinsights.com and get on board with the exciting and enthralling journey of this wonderful software.

Pulse Insights Software Screenshot

19. WebEngage

WebEngage is an apparatus that offers a criticism structure and review manufacturer. In light of guest click conduct, input structures can be set off utilizing this device. The fascinating thing about WebEngage is that it offers overview gadgets, yet additionally, the capacity to convey warnings concerning things other than criticism demands, for example, to feature an advancement. They promise their clients utter engagement and a gist of that could be availed on their website www.webengage.com.

WebEngage Software Screenshot

20. Hotjar

Hotjar is viewed as a swiss armed force blade of client experience devices, with programming that consolidates various UX instruments in one. This concentration anyway implies that it comes up short on a strong CX arrangement. Input investigation and revealing are not accessible. How this instrument gathers criticism is indistinguishable from that of Qualaroo and Survicate. Hotjar empowers its clients to make heatmaps and client chronicles (following meetings on the page) just as reviews. To have an idea of the detailed structure and applications of the software visit their website www.hotjar.com.

HotJar Software Screenshot

21. Opinionlab

Opinionlab is a notable VoC stage. At first, Opinionlab was centred around site input yet has since expanded its administration contributions to get-together criticism from more channels including contact focuses and shops. Moreover, page-explicit criticism can be gathered utilizing this device. A visit to their professionally maintained and run website www.opinionlab.com will give you a broader and clearer picture of the data and information related to the software.

OpinionLab Software Screenshot

22. Alchemer

Alchemer is an extraordinary apparatus for rapidly and effectively making a study. You can welcome respondents to the study just as customize the plan. They offer overview choices for information-driven groups just as people. They have tons of applications and options that make the user assured of their choice. Do visit their website www.alchemer.com and get your hands over the best of the tools available in the VOC world.

Alchemer Software Screenshot

23. Crowdsignal

Crowdsignal, already PollDaddy is an online overview programming that permits clients to direct studies in two distinct manners: by installing reviews on their site or welcoming respondents through email. When the information is gathered, you can make channels to break down the information and offer it in reports. This is finished utilizing crude information sent out with projects, for example, Excel, PDF, CSV, Google Docs, and XML. The consequences of these studies would all be able to be seen progressively. To have an idea of the detailed structure and applications of the software visit their website www.crowdsignal.com

Crowdsignal Software Screenshot

24. JotForm

Jotform is a simple to-utilize online structure manufacturer. The JotForm Feedback Button empowers you to request criticism on your site by a customized button. You can likewise make your structures and once you begin utilizing this device, the criticism catch will be obvious on each page of your site consequently. Jotform also offers a free WordPress module. You can utilize this module for nothing up and to 100 structure entries for each month. If you expect more structure entries you should move up to the top-notch adaptation. Do pay a visit to their website www.jotform.com and that’s all it takes you to realize the capabilities and promising nature of this software.

Jotform Software Screenshot

25. Typeform

Typeform is very easy to understand review apparatus that empowers you to make customized and marked studies. Utilizing the free form, you can hope to have highlights, for example, limitless inquiries and answers, information trade, custom subjects just as layouts, and essential announcing. Furthermore, a detailed description of every aspect associated with the software can be found on their website.

Typeform Software Screenshot

26. Formsite

Formsite is another structure building and review device that can be incorporated with a wide range of apparatuses, including SalesForce, Mailchimp, Dropbox, and considerably more. Clients can make more than 100 customizable formats utilizing 40 distinctive inquiry types. If you have any confusion or any doubts concerning this particular software, do pay a visit to their website www.formsite.com and get assured.

FormSite Software Screenshot

27. Google Forms

Hardly a dedicated tool for customer feedback collection, but nevertheless one that's used worldwide for market research. With Google Forms, users can make surveys to gather input from their customers. Studies can be made rapidly utilizing a drag and drop interface and can be shared easily. Results are conveyed progressively and can be examined in diagrams. One great thing is integrations across the G-suite and the wide funcitonality across the web with Google products.

GoogleForms Software Screenshot

28. QuestionPro

QuestionPro gives incredible online review programming intended to assist you with settling on better business choices. Our simple to utilize programming incorporates devices for creation, dissemination, and examination of online studies, surveys, structures, and tests. Utilize our serious highlights to alter the review insight and force modern examination. The best part is that our client service group is accessible 24-hrs per day to ensure your task is a triumph. Look up their website www.questionpro.com and get all your questions and doubts associated with the software clarified.

QuestionPro Software Screenshot

29. Chattermill

Chattermill helps companies to listen to their customers using cutting-edge AI technologies while helping companies grow by simplifying their procedure of customer insights. It uses natural language processing tools and sentiment analysis to generate insights and data-driven platforms for collecting customer feedback across multiple touchpoints, which are further integrated with systems that allow the companies to understand their customers like never before. To further understand their capabilities, do pay a visit to their website.

Support tickets use cases voice of customer

Voice of the customer FAQs

What is Voice of the Customer?

Voice of the customer programmes are a vital component to driving customer-centric transformation that genuinely improves customer satisfaction, customer retention and growth. 

VoC is the process of gathering and understanding customer feedback and insights with the end goal of improving product and service offerings in a way that truly meets the customer's expectations. This term was first used by Abbie Griffin and John R. Hauser in a 1993 MIT Marketing Science paper, titled  "The Voice of Customer", who defined the voice of the customer methodology this way:

“Voice of Customer provides a detailed understanding of the customer’s requirements, a common language for the team going forward in the product development process, a key input for design and development of a new product or service.”

Any credible customer voice research consists of qualitative and quantitative research, preferably statistically significant quantitative results originally derived from qualitative feedback. 

Ten ways voice of the customer tools can benefit your company

Bringing in the voice of the customer to business decision-making ensures an organisation remains relevant and competitive. It’s worth the time and effort you invest and your bottom-line pay off is likely to be a multiple of the investment required.

Almost every department in a customer-centric business needs customer insight to operate effectively. The marketing department wants to understand what’s driving buzz around the brand so they can double down on it in marketing campaigns. The buying department needs valuable insight to understand which product ingredient drives friction so they can change suppliers. And, the procurement department wants feedback on which third party suppliers are underperforming so they can request changes.

Here are ten benefits to using voice of the customer tools and methodologies:

  1. Increase customer retention & build a more loyal customer base .
  2. Improve efficiency by identifying the drivers of customer contacts and reducing them.
  3. Investing in the right tools promotes a customer-centric culture. Putting your money where your mouth is a clear indicator of a customer-centric culture.
  4. Build new products and processes with confidence thanks to evidence-based decision making. 
  5. Improve your customer service and experience: the level of root cause analysis that VoC tools provide lets you understand and solve customer issues that inspire loyalty and brand advocacy.
  6. Identify weak points in the customer journey that are losing you customers. Measuring drop-offs and frictions lets you identify areas for conversion rate improvement.
  7. Real-time anomaly detection: Combine customer feedback with an AI processing tool to get real-time insight. So if a discount code fails or a delivery partner of yours sees a spike in late deliveries, you can be proactive and prevent more complaints.
  8. Vendor quality management: External partners have an impact on your customer's experience, but are hard to influence. Putting customer feedback & AI together allows you to quantify a partners impact, so you can say 'this week, +500 support tickets were due to late deliveries', and ask them to fix it.
  9. Build a knowledge-base: Every company has a set of questions that gets asked again and again. With voice of the customer analytics, you can uncover them, quantify them, and prioritise which questions should be addressed in your knowledge base.
  10. Optimise conversion rates: Inform your optimisation team's roadmap by understanding the key drivers of customer friction. VoC tools help you uncover reasons for contact at a granular level, so you can prioritise the changes that get in the way of purchases.

Voice of the Customer programs are proven to help organisations maintain the influx of the customers, produce better commodities, deliver favourable services, and systematically improve the customer experience.

Organisations that understand their customer journey are much more likely to improve their products to fit their customers' advancing requirements and therefore being able to gain their faith and support.

What are the applications of voice of the customer tools?

1. Use product feedback software to inform your product roadmap

Product managers need customer insight. Whether it’s to inform their roadmap or to understand the performance of a feature release, feedback is a vital part of a product development cycle. 

For website developers, it’s easy. HotJar lets you quickly understand how you’re performing and where your customers are struggling. 

But, for SaaS platforms, it’s a little trickier to choose a user feedback tool for your product. Customer sentiment analytics tools like SentiSum are best equipped to provide product teams with actionable insight. For product teams, you can turn product-related support tickets into Jira tickets for your team to work on instantly. With an AI insights platform, you can also turn 100,000 customer reviews or social media comments into a product improvement roadmap in minutes.

2. Uncover granular insight from large volumes of NPS surveys & reviews

Net Promoter Score surveys usually generate a significant number of free-text answer results. With a voice of the customer tool, you can finally make use of the free-text data without weeks of manual analysis. The text analytics capabilities of a number of the mentioned VoC tools below will help you to uncover the root cause topics mentioned by your customers in an NPS survey and reviews

3. Use a social media sentiment analysis tool to tackle negative brand drivers

A social media sentiment analysis tool helps you to analyse all the posts, comments and chat logs across your social media accounts. When a user leaves a negative comment or puts up a negative post, a good VoC tool can automatically create a support ticket for your customer service department to address. A social media sentiment analysis tool with this functionality enables you to build a closed-loop feedback system.

4. Support ticket analytics tools—unlock the goldmine of customer feedback

Support ticket analytics tools integrate with a ticket management system like Zendesk or Intercom. Every ticket is processed in real-time, notifying the right team to trending topics. With a system in place like this, you can be truly proactive to the causes of customer friction and reduce customer churn quickly.

Nailing support ticket insights is no easy feat, they’re high volume and very each conversation is unstructured. Most companies shy away from analysing support tickets for that reason, but with developments in AI and machine learning companies like SentiSum have built a powerful solution to the problem.

What is voice of the customer methodology?

Voice of the Customer methodologies help you to uncover customer needs and expectations in an unbiased way. Though this method can be implemented by several distinct techniques, all these techniques are centred around customer feedback analytics. There are typically three stages in any customer feedback analysis:

1.   Collection

Typically, companies use methods like surveys, focus groups, interviews and ethnographic research to gather information from the customers. But, more modern approaches collect feedback from existing, high volume data sources like customer support ticket logs. With the rise of digital support, companies can conduct live chat analytics without asking customers for anything. Meeting the customer where they already are (social media & support tickets) enables the collection of more insightful feedback that’s more fruitful for your company.

2.   Analysis

Low volume feedback analysis can be performed manually. Create a database of customer feedback using an Excel spreadsheet and begin tagging the data with themes, topics and the relevant team. To get you started, here’s an example feedback analytics spreadsheet you can copy. Manual analyses can be extremely time-consuming on high volumes, for that we suggest using one of the below voice of the customer tools to uncover customer insights.

3.   Implementation

Make use of the resulting customer insight to drive customer-centric growth. Data actionability is important to make real change happen, the right team is unlikely to listen without insightful, unbiased data. But, with the right research techniques, your customers will begin to see significant improvements in their satisfaction levels. Voice of the customer research should include input from a cross-functional team to work effectively.