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Retain more customers, as you scale

Traditional tagging methods give inaccurate and generic results.

With SentiSum, every conversation, survey and review will be tagged with unparalleled detail so you can understand customers and drive improvement as you scale up.

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Gousto's contact centre automates the tagging of 100,000 tickets per month. Those tag insights power Gousto's automation strategy and now drive company-wide feedback-improvement loops.

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How does AI tagging help you scale?


1/ Auto-tag every conversation in real-time

2/ Save hours of time with tag-based automations

3/ Extract insights that underpin CX improvement

Let's look closer at how that works👇

AI tagging

1/ Tag every conversation in real-time

SentiSum leverages machine learning to tag support conversations. We build every customer a customised AI engine so it's accurate, even at a granular level. You'll know exactly what's driving customer contact—even on voice calls.

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"We've saved hours of manual sorting of free customer text while simultaneously achieving an objectivity which previously eluded us."—Sean Mckee, Director of eCommerce

2/ Use tags to power automations

You can trust accurate tags to guide your automation strategy. Here are just three examples.

AI tagging support scaling

3/ Extract insights that reduce issues at the root

SentiSum's insights dashboard makes reason for contact reporting simple. Drivers of refunds, compensation, basket abandonment and more become easily accessible company-wide.

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"SentiSum helps us understand our customers feedback instantly, identifying key issues in our customer journey and take action to fix them."—Head of customer support at the UK's leading online tyre retailer

3-minute product demo👇

The impact of auto-tagging

Quantify & confirm assumptions

Reduce weekly reporting time by 20x

Understand and tackle friction points

Get a free trial like no other

  • 12 months of your real customer support data
  • Free evaluation of your current tag taxonomy
  • Free insight report
  • Unlimited logins and full access.

"The free trial helped us overcome the worry that the AI wouldn't be as accurate or granular as promised in our unique business context."—Director of Customer Service, Gousto