How Scandinavian Biolabs use SentiSum to reprioritise product roadmaps and identify churn drivers

Before coming to SentiSum, Scandinavian Biolabs were receiving thousands of tickets per month and spending a lot of time manually trying to understand which of these tickets were the top issues amidst all the noise.

With the customer embedded into every decision, it was critical that they get a more comprehensive understanding of customer pain points and feedback through support data. Which is why they decided to work with SentiSum.

How does SentiSum works

Step 1

SentiSum integrates with Gorgias to uncover detailed insights from support tickets.

Step 2

Qualitative topics are surfaced enabling closer CS and Product collaboration.

Step 3

Product strategies are influenced and aligned with customer feedback data.

Product insights

After an initial analysis of previous data, SentiSum was able to create 55 custom tags using Artificial Intelligence to automatically enhance the customer support tickets with relevant insights.

This allowed the team at Scandinavian Biolabs to get an objective view of their data, as well as see which issues were consistently showing up as a pain point for customers.

“It’s very difficult to convince the rest of the team that something was important when you don’t have the data to back it up.

Insights from SentiSum started becoming the basis for our strategic and product meetings, giving us a sounding board for understanding our customers and their needs outside of customer surveys.” - Anders Reckendorff, CEO

Based on insights highlighted, CEO and Co-founder Anders Reckendorff and the team at Scandinavian Biolabs actually reprioritised their product roadmap online to implement a new customer platform earlier than they had anticipated, reducing a point of friction within the customer journey highlighted within support tickets.

Resolution time halved

One issue, which was one of the biggest drivers for dissatisfied customers, actually decreased by 50% in the 3 months after implementing SentiSum due to heightened awareness and informed product iterations.

Not only this, but resolution time halved from 2 hours to 1 hour and, the insights found led the team to implement more in-depth surveys about particular products that customers were struggling with, ultimately leading to a change in the way the product was produced to make it a better experience for customers.

“Support tickets are incredibly important when it comes to qualitative data, they provide what you can almost view as pre-churn information. What SentiSum allows us to do is view that in an easy to understand format with a high level overview of granular information.

All of this leads us to better initiatives and, ultimately, a better experience for our customers.” - Anders Reckendorff

Improved self-serve documentation

Another opportunity found using SentiSum insights was improvements to self-serve documentation.

Generic enquiries such as price enquiries were reduced by 19% after implementation due to the surfacing of the issues to the relevant teams and the improvements made to documentation.
With insights being analysed across multiple different languages, it was easy for the team to be assured they were taking into account frequent issues reported by the entire customer base, not just a certain proportion. 

In addition to this, conversations were attributed to the respective agents and used to coach members of the support team when:
- Dealing with difficult conversations
- Dealing with negative feedback
- Providing resources for the customer

This ensures that the support team are leveling up communication together, and keeps customer satisfaction at the heart of every interaction.

Voice of the customer strategy

An important aspect of Scandinavian Biolabs customer care work is a 90-day review of products after release. This is to ensure that the product and marketing teams can see which products have done well and what kind of feedback they are receiving.

If there are improvements that need to be made, insights from SentiSum can categorise and provide that feedback both quantitatively and qualitatively.
Similarly, marketing may find some nuggets of information that can inform future campaigns. 

The voice of the customer, highlighted through customer support conversations, is as easy as it’s ever been to analyse and bring to the forefront of strategic discussions.

“From an organisational perspective, investing in a tool like SentiSum gives the Customer Experience team more power to voice their opinions and underlines that they are strategically important.

Giving them a tool with strategic eyes helps change the mindset at an organisational level, and I could see from an executive level that the customer experience team really stepped up and, as a result, feel more appreciated.” - Anders Reckendorff

The importance of support insights being shared cross-departmentally can’t be ignored, and Scandinavian Biolabs truly are ahead of the game when it comes to customer care.

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