Why you should invest in support operations early

Interview with Oleg Krasnov, Head of Support Excellence at Miro
Interview with Oleg Krasnov, Head of Support Excellence at Miro
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Miro was growing 300% year-on-year already—and then the pandemic hit.

The rise of asynchronous work saw an explosion in the need for their product (a virtual whiteboard and collaboration tool), even from personas they'd never seen before.

In the CS team, that meant inbound tickets grew from 2,500 per month to 2,500 per week almost overnight.

And they were seeing new questions they didn't expect, from customer segments they'd rarely come across.

In this episode of the State of Customer Service podcast, we hear from Oleg Krasnov, Miro's Head of Customer Support Excellence.

We find out what it's like to be a leader under pressure; to have 10,000 things on your backlog; and how to get through it with clear prioritisation, processes, analytics and systems.

Key points include:

  1. The benefits of investing in support operations employees early on
  2. Why you should map your customer journey, including your systems and processes.
  3. Why support insights and the product-feedback loop are so critical as a company scales.
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Episode timestamps

0:00 What was the hyper-growth experience like?

06:30 What would do differently if going through this again? Invest in operations—what are support operations?

09:30 What team size do you recommend investing in operations team member?

10:00 What are the benefits of investing in support ops?

11:49 What else would you recommend to your past self?

  • Map your entire customer journey to help prioritise projects.
  • Double down on the product feedback loop.

15:16 Why Oleg promotes so many people and see support as a talent factory.

17:19 What operational challenges had the biggest impact?

20:40 Which triggers and rules were setup to create internal and customer journey efficiencies within support?

24.28 How has Miro organised and setup their support insights function?

29:00 How do support insights and the product feedback loop help you scale?

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