Support-driven growth eBook

In this eBook, eight industry experts teach you how to drive growth from the contact centre.

30 pages of actionable insight that will help you sell your value as a driver of customer retention and revenue growth.

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Learn how to build a customer focused culturesee page 2.
Here are 5 ways to sell the value of the contact centre internallysee pages 4-7.
There are six rules for actionable insight. Are you following them?—see page 15.
Artificial intelligence or manual support ticket analytics? You choose after reading this—pages 15-18.
Many successful companies leverage the contact centre for growth. Here's 7 ways you can, too—page 21.

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Chapter 1

Building a company culture that values the customer

In this chapter we address two sides to customer-centric leadership. First, we take a look at the steps you can take to change how employees respond to customers. We then address the elephant in the room: are we just bad at selling  value? With three major changes you can make to sell your projects internally and win budget for them.

Chapter 2

Delivering transformative customer insights

In this chapter, we address why insights from the frontline are so valuable and what makes insight actionable. We then dive into an actionable guide of our own that should set you on a path to uncovering actionable customer feedback that drives tangible business value.

Chapter 3

Leveraging the contact centre for support-driven growth

Shifting the narrative of the contact centre from a cost to value requires infrastructural transformation. Everything must change, from the characteristics of who you hire and how you train them, through to the technology you build and the KPIs you target. Here are some examples of how to put into action support-drive growth.

Support driven growth

From cost centre to revenue driver