SentiSum’s Automated Tagging & CS Analytics, Now Available on Dixa

SentiSum’s Automated Tagging & CS Analytics, Now Available on Dixa
Ben Goodey
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SentiSum’s Automated Tagging & CS Analytics, Now Available on Dixa

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with one of Europe’s leading challenger brands in the customer service space: Dixa

Now we’ve partnered and integrated our technology, SentiSum’s text & sentiment analytics capabilities will be readily available to Dixa customers.

With both of our technologies enabled, brands will have access to granular CX insights, automated tagging, and a series of other time-saving automations—all designed to improve the brand-customer relationship.

About Dixa

Dixa is one of the most exciting brands in the customer service technology space. They’ve been growing rapidly and recently announced a $105 million investment round.

Dixa is a help desk platform, allowing companies to unify their customer conversation channels into one place that’s easy to use. However, one of the reasons we’re so excited to partner with Dixa is how innovative and smart their technology is for both agent and customer. From intelligent routing and automated prioritization, to chat environments that just make sense, we’re in awe of Dixa’s commitment to the ‘experience’ of customer service.

SentiSum for Dixa—Thinking short and long-term

Companies using Dixa and SentiSum will now have automated topic, sentiment, and intent tagging that enables confident CX decision-making across product and process roadmaps.

It’s easy to focus on the short-term in customer service—like fighting rising contact volume with chatbots. But long-term thinking is ultimately best for both company and customer.

SentiSum helps Dixa customer’s to confidently act in the long-term, turning all their customer feedback (e.g. every conversation, review, and survey result) into actionable insight that helps to tackle the root cause of customer frustration. 

SentiSum’s tags are also designed to create time-saving efficiencies through auto-routing, auto-prioritization, faster QA, and social media monitoring.

SentiSum’s tags—What’s possible?

So, what’s possible with your SentiSum integration switched on? Let’s take a three major areas of benefit:

  1. Topics

Using our advanced ‘reason for contact’ tag taxonomies, you’ll have a quantitative understanding of exactly why customers are contacting you. Tags are real-time and hierarchical, meaning you’ll have highly granular tags at your fingertips at all times.

Easy access to root cause analytics gives clarity on areas for CX improvement and drivers of brand detractors, as well as insight into where you should automate (e.g. where to focus self-serve efforts).

  1. Prioritization

Dixa customers already have excellent prioritization capabilities. With SentiSum, Dixa customers can take prioritization one step further and automatically prioritize by conversation topic.

If you know that certain topics create particular frustration for customers, you can now ensure they are handled quickly. For example, one of our customers in the travel industry applies this to guests who have already arrived in their holiday villa—at which point a 48-hour delay in customer service may ruin their vacation.

  1. Routing (AKA triage)

SentiSum improves auto-routing in a similar way to prioritization. Real-time understanding of topics and subtopics will allow those conversations to be triaged to an individual or team best equipped to handle the request. Matching requests to your priorities and your team’s skillsets go a long way to improving the customer’s experience.

Channels you can integrate:

SentiSum specialised in customer service conversation data, however, our insights platform is regularly used as a single sourcer of truth for brands. You can integrate and auto-analyze all customer service contact channels (text-based and voice), as well surveys, reviews, and social media comments.

The SentiSum-Dixa integration is an exciting step forward in CS technology, and as adoption progresses we’re excited to see more brands taking strategic steps toward improving their customer experiences.

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