How to optimise your customer service

Adrian Swinscoe, Author of Punk CX and Customer Service Advisor
Adrian Swinscoe, Author of Punk CX and Customer Service Advisor
A bi-weekly "little gem" for CX & support leaders
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Adrian Swinscoe is a celebrated speaker, author (Read: Punk CX) and advisor in the customer service and experience industry.

In this week's Support Insights podcast, we were lucky enough to catch up with Adrian about a customer service improvement project he recently advised on.

Adrian was approached by an agile, fast-growing company that wanted to make sure they were running an optimal customer service operation.

But, they weren't really sure how well they were doing.

We find out:

• Adrian's approach to assessing the company

• How he discovered some quick wins

• What changes were implemented to take their customer service to the next level.

We then dive into the future of customer and the technological changes you can expect.

Here's one of my favourite quotes:

"It's hard work, but that's the way the greatness lies."

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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Timestamps for the episode

00:00 Introduction to the guest

02:17 Introduction to the customer service improvement project we focus on.

05:06 The RARE process [Research, Aim, Roadmap, Execute] for managing a new CX project

07:17 What challenge did they come to you with?

08:54 The research process [structured interviews, talking to people all over the organisation

09:40 Discovering the quick win stuff by connecting dots across departments

10:30: Example of the company simply not communicating so missing chance to see a quick win

13:00 There is a risk of magnifying the duplication of effort

13:10 How large companies can overcome the risk of duplication of buying new tech, and siloed behaviour.

13:45 Transformational CX projects—an innovative/ radical  approach

16:50 Story about a new software firm CEO who gathered all his execs and forced them to redeploy their assistants to other parts of the business and take responsibility for their own time. And arbitrarily cancel 20-30% of meetings each week.

20:00 What shows you that a company is doing great?

20:30 All the things they didn’t have and then implemented during this project to optimise their work

24:53 What is the future of the customer service department? The landscape of service?

27:09 What’s behind the agent in the future?

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A bi-weekly "little gem" for CX & support leaders