The power of agent empowerment

Round up by featuring 6 of our previous guests.
Round up by featuring 6 of our previous guests.
A bi-weekly "little gem" for CX & support leaders
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Today we’re focusing on one of the most important topics in customer service: your team.

Customer service is known for being tough work and the agents themselves are on the frontline dealing with the brunt of unhappy customers, and many see it as a short term job opportunity.

In that environment, your internal culture goes a long way toward creating a happy environment where employees want to stay for the long term.

If we’re going to change the narrative around customer service as a strong career opportunity, we need to start by empowering agents with the right tools and authority to do a great job and deliver a great customer experience.

This is an extra special episode because we’re hearing short clips from 6 different customer service leaders, taken from our backlog of episodes.

It’s telling that so many of our guests have talked about the importance of empowerment, and in this episode we’ll hear all about why it’s important and what you can do to better empower your agents today.

Who are the guests?
  • Alice Godfrey, Director at Bloomic, Episode 4
  • Heidi El Hawary, Student Advisors Lead at CareerFoundry, Episode 11
  • Charlotte Spain, Head of Customer at Buzzbike, Episode 18
  • Oleg Krasnov, Head of Support Excellence at Miro, Episode 21
  • Luis Pinto, Director of CX at Remote, Episode 26
  • Dimple Pattani, Head of Frontline Support at GoCardless, Episode 28
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A bi-weekly "little gem" for CX & support leaders