AI automated ticket tagging for Freshdesk

SentiSum's AI-powered support analytics applies granular reasons for contact and priority tags in real-time. Insights from every ticket become easy to access, so you can report on tags in minutes and drive company wide improvements.

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Before and after NLP zendesk sentiment analytics and zendesk automated software is implemented

"It's exciting to be able to easily show other departments what's causing huge increases in ticket volume or negative feedback."

Director of Customer Service, +$50m revenue fast-growth company

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Understand every conversation, in real-time

Whether it's voice, live chat, email or social media, our AI-engine applies multi-level 'reason for contact' tags in real-time.

Forget unmanageable or outdated taxonomies, our data-driven tags will ensure you're on top of new trends and can answer internal data queries quickly. You'll have more actionable information at your fingertips than ever.

About our tech

Built to save you time

Customer insights single source of truth

A simple-to-use single source of truth

With SentiSum's simple-to-use UI, you won't need technical know-how to understand the topic and sentiment of every support ticket.

You, or anyone in your team, can simply switch between contact channels, filter by topic or subtopic, and have instant access to the issues facing your customers across every contact channel.

Make support tickets searchable

Like Google for your support data, you'll be able to answer queries from other departments by simply searching any keyword or topic.

With the addition of our voice understanding technology, you'll even be able to search for terms within phone calls.

Say goodbye to manually digging through conversations.

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A daily email full of customer insights

Get 'reasons for contact' trends in your inbox

Our daily digest email ensures you stay up-to-date with performance, top ticket drivers and the largest rises and falls in topics.

Subscribe anyone to bring company-wide access to support data. You'll see a refocus on customer experience that helps you to reduce ticket volumes.

Integrate natively into your Freshdesk

We push tags directly to Freshdesk so they can be used for analysis, routing and prioritisation.

Search bar image for showing how support tickets become searchable

Why replace your existing tagging system?

Most tagging systems take a lot of manual work or the insights can't be trusted to back up business decisions. Usually tags are inaccurate, inconsistent or generic, so customer support is like a black box.

Before SentiSum

  • Tags are broad and require manual digging
  • Tags become outdated so insight is missed
  • Tags are based on 'keywords' = inaccurate
  • Tags are applied inconsistently by agents
  • Reporting is still time-consuming

After SentiSum

  • Tags are granular and get to the heart of the issue
  • Tag taxonomies are continuously up-to-date
  • Tagging is machine-learning based = accurate
  • Tags are applied consistently to 100% of your tickets
  • Reporting is made simple with automation
  • Tags can be trusted to guide triggers, automations and company-wide improvements

All your channels under one roof

SentiSum is a single source of truth. In one simple-to-use dashboard, you'll understand the topic and sentiment of every customer conversation, survey and review.

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What you can do with SentiSum

Automated tagging

Automate your support ticket tagging and reporting actionable insight with ease.

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100% CSAT insights

Automated, granular CSAT analytics—even when no explanation is provided.

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Smarter prioritisation

Whether the topic is urgent or the customer sounds angry, respond faster to important tickets.

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Intelligent ticket routing

Assign a particular agent or team depending on the topic of conversation.

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Ticket creation

Automatically turn angry reviews or social media comments into tickets to be handled.

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Response auto-suggest

Suggest the right response for the ticket, so agents can respond quickly and efficiently.

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“The biggest impact on our customer-company relationship has been a much clearer impact "to do" list for teams in their efforts to reduce customer friction."

Sean Mckee

Director of CX & eCommerce

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