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Interview with Kristy Howell, CS Team Lead and Rebecca Nilsson, Customer Insights Manager at Snug
Interview with Kristy Howell, CS Team Lead and Rebecca Nilsson, Customer Insights Manager at Snug
A bi-weekly "little gem" for CX & support leaders
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In this week's episode, we spoke to Kristy and Rebecca, Customer Service Team Lead and Customer Insights Manager at Snug, about the amazing customer community Snug have built and how that feeds in to all areas of the business.

Snug have amassed an enormous following over social media, with over 250,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram alone. Here, they engage their community in photo challenges, share hot new product releases and even ask the community to get involved in things like the names of new fabric colours.

A brand that carries through every single channel, you'll hear about how Snug's genuine tone of voice allows agents to be themselves, build trust with the customers, and stay consistent whether you're looking at the website, social media or speaking to someone in support.

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Snug has a whopping 4.6* rating on Trustpilot, what would you attribute this to?

Kristy: "We make it a goal of ours to reach out to all of the customers that we deliver to each day. We take time to go through all of the orders, make sure everything's gone smoothly, reach out to customers proactively, and on the rare occasion that things haven't gone smoothly, we make sure we're the ones who contact and get that sorted for them as soon as possible.

It's a goal for us to make sure we respond to every review, whether it's a positive or negative. We also like to share best practices across the business and talk about what's gone right and share in the success."

The tone of voice is very consistent whether you're looking at the website or social media, do you carry that same TOV to the customer service department?

Kristy: "I think it's something that we do across the entire brand. When we send out our marketing emails or, when my team speak to the customers,  we want people to be able to show their personalities when doing so. When my team reach out to people or we have contact from customers on chat or over the phone they feel really comfortable just being themselves.

And I think that's really important, and for the team, they don't feel like they have to almost put on this different persona. When they come to work, they can just be themselves. They have the knowledge that they need to do their job. For us as a brand and, and us as a department, when you're true to yourself the customer can feel it and it helps them gain that level of trust with us."

How do you manage to achieve such a good return rate on your existing customers?

Rebecca: "I would say there are a couple of things. So looking just at the product itself all our products are actually modular, which is one of our keys USPs, so you can buy a three seater today and then next year you can upgrade it to a corner sofa. And, and when we launch new collections or new colorways, there's always something exciting to entice them back to the brand.

But also I think it comes back to the customer experience that, as Kristy mentioned, we really have that personal connection and communication with our customers which drives obviously brand loyalty and satisfaction."


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A bi-weekly "little gem" for CX & support leaders