Setting up a multibrand customer support team

Interview with Fabrice Dowling, HeliosX Group
Interview with Fabrice Dowling, HeliosX Group
A bi-weekly "little gem" for CX & support leaders
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In this episode of Support Insights, we catch up with Fabrice Dowling the Global Head of Customer Care at HeliosX.

HeliosX is a group of healthcare brands (Dermatica, MedExpress, PharmacyLab) that run different business models and, as a result, have very different approaches to customer service.

Having seen exponential growth during the pandemic, Fabrice was tasked with organising and optimising a customer service department that spans the three brands.

Sounds complicated, right?

In the interview, Fabrice shares with us the challenges of setting up multi-brand support.

We cover the metrics, tones of voice, quality assurance, influencing leadership, and building a strong team culture.

There's a lot to learn in this episode for anyone interested in improving their CS division, especially those looking for a blueprint while their company acquires or expands service lines.

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Timestamps for the episode

4:43: What makes multi brand customer support challenging?

6:27: After you identified the needs of each brand, where did you go next?

7:55: Do agents span both teams? Or do you keep them in one team.

11:28: What CX metrics is Fabrice tracking at HeliosX? Why was it beneficial to implement those metrics early?

13:10: One of the brands requires a different, higher standard of service. Do you measure anything different to ensure that?

14:25: Taking an active role in subscriber retention

15:00: How is QA different in a multi-brand business vs single-brand? How has Fabrice setup QA effectively?

18:31: What is your advice to previous self or anyone attempting this? Probably to start from scratch, that helped him so much.

20:37: What would your advice be on culture? Building up morale? Connecting different teams is key, why?

22:08: Why are clear progression pathways so critical?

22:56: Why it’s important to include your team in decision-making.

23:26: How do you manage the process of coaching agents on multiple tone of voices?

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A bi-weekly "little gem" for CX & support leaders