Transforming Customer Experience with SentiSum Insights

Otrium, an innovative online fashion outlet, partnered with SentiSum over a year ago to transform its customer support and feedback loop. The primary objectives were to reduce the customer contact rate, and enhance product and process through customer feedback.

How does SentiSum works

Step 1

SentiSum integrates with Dixa to uncover detailed insights from support tickets.

Step 2

Qualitative topics are surfaced enabling closer CS and Product collaboration.

Step 3

Product strategies are influenced and aligned with customer feedback data.

"SentiSum has not only reduced the distance between customer feedback and actionable insights but has also fostered a culture of proactivity and accountability across all departments."


To contribute to higher margins through better support efficiency and retention Otrium wanted to reduce its contact rates significantly. The need for a systematic approach to gather and act upon customer feedback was evident, as was the necessity for a more efficient incident monitoring and resolution process.


The journey began with an early feedback session focused on desired product improvements. Otrium leveraged SentiSum's tagging capabilities within Dixa for bulk replies, allowing for rapid response to common issues. Automated daily summaries from SentiSum provided actionable insights into customer experiences, highlighting courier performance, return rates, and website usability.

Strategic Insights and Departmental Empowerment

Otrium has experienced a paradigm shift in how departments interact with customer feedback, thanks to SentiSum's advanced analytics. Previously reliant on the customer support team to flag issues for deep dives, departments can now autonomously access tailored insights relevant to their specific concerns through the SentiSum platform. This self-service capability is powered by the personalisation function within the dashboard, allowing for the creation of customized dashboards that surface precise insights.

For instance, the quality control team at Otrium can now directly monitor feedback related to product quality, while the logistics team has a dedicated view to track delivery-related concerns. This direct access to focused insights has streamlined operations and enhanced the responsiveness of various departments to customer needs.


A notable win was experienced just before Black Friday when SentiSum's real-time insights alerted Otrium to an issue with return labels, preventing a flood of a few thousand potential customer emails and saving thousands of euros. Automations facilitated by SentiSum, especially in handling bulk replies to similar issues, significantly enhanced efficiency.


Otrium's partnership with SentiSum has enabled more effective customer support management and fostered a culture of continuous improvement based on real-time customer feedback. The insights gained have driven strategic decisions across product and logistics teams, ultimately enhancing the customer experience and operational efficiency.

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