How Lakrids By Bülow identified points of friction in CX and improved CSAT scores

Gourmet liquorice creators, Lakrids by Bülow, came to SentiSum to discover more insights from what their customers were saying in their Dixa support tickets and share this information with the wider business to inform customer-led strategies.

With a new department created just for this, we spoke to Head of Consumer Service and Sales Support, Løkke Engraf, about their approach.

How does SentiSum works

Step 1

SentiSum integrates with Dixa to uncover detailed insights from support tickets.

Step 2

Qualitative topics are surfaced enabling closer CS and Product collaboration.

Step 3

Product strategies are influenced and aligned with customer feedback data.

Quantifying qualitative insights through an automated tagging system

When Løkke joined Lakrids by Bülow, suggestions for product improvements and iterations had been based mostly on the gut feeling of various teams and people, with manual reports being siloed in each department.

Løkke was looking for ways to get qualitative insights from customer feedback to shape improvement strategies, so their support platform, Dixa, recommended integrating with SentiSum to automatically analyze their data.
When Dixa referred Løkke to Sentisum, we immediately started work building out a granular and informative taxonomy for Lakrids’ customer support data.

Quantifying qualitative insights is a challenge a lot of companies face, and was the most important thing for Løkke to bring the customer voice to the forefront of conversations in a way that could be trusted by the whole organisation. 

By integrating SentiSum with Dixa, all of Lakrids’ support data was analysed both historically and in real-time by SentiSum’s AI and automatically tagged with a detailed, granular taxonomy.

This fed into the live SentiSum dashboard, allowing Løkke to discover live, quantified qualitative data, removing any guesswork and bias so that strategies can be confidently data-led.

Creating a VOC feedback loop

Løkke was on a mission to improve the feedback culture and customer voice presence within Lakrids, while ensuring the support team were empowered and informed when it came to the removal of manual tagging.

When members of the team would go to her with a repeat issue, Løkke would take a look at SentiSum to see what the numbers are saying to double check whether it’s an actual issue, or potential confirmation bias from a few tickets in a row detailing the same issue.

After initial pushback, Løkke assured the team that this would only help them both in their work and in becoming a trusted source of customer insights within the organisation.

Now, she says, members of the team come to her saying ‘Can you see if we have an issue with this, or is it just me?’.

"Working in CS is often based on a lot of feelings.
We need to learn to work with data, as it’s easy to fall into feelings and hunches when you don’t, which leads to difficulty in getting buy in from other areas of the business."
- Løkke Engraf

It’s now become part of a daily operation where issues are flagged, researched and then, if necessary, escalated to the department responsible to try and resolve the issue. 
One particular win that Løkke finds with the feedback process is being able to pull up numbers on a regular basis and ad hoc.

She currently does monthly reporting of SentiSum insights, which provides a benchmark on a rolling basis and lets teams know exactly what the customer is saying about their products and overall experience from order to delivery. However, when a recent campaign had some technical issues, Løkke was able to pinpoint exactly how large of an issue this was and bring it to attention immediately.

"Now that we have 12 months of data populated, I’m starting to see even more patterns and benefits from comparing November 2021 to 2022.

It’s becoming increasingly easy to tell if something is an anomaly or regular rhythm of business, with the next element being focusing on the different needs of customers from a B2C and B2B level.

Our way at Lakrids by Bülow is to help each other to succeed and act to stay ahead so this helps us a lot."
- Løkke Engraf

Customer-led Product Changes

With product lines often being discussed and planned years in advance, it can be difficult to make changes on the fly as they come out. That didn’t stop Løkke and her team trying to ensure the customer voice was being heard.

Email frequency was something that users had complained about within support tickets, so it was easy to go back through their customer communications and see where they could make changes to avoid future complaints.

Enquiries about products, issues and interest in the Lakrids by Bülow brand were also used to start an approach on TikTok with video based enquiries, where the marketing team would create video explainers based on the most common enquiries seen in SentiSum.
By doing this, it was clear to see people who loved the brand, as well as highlighting where markets had their particular favourites. 

Finally, in 2021, Løkke noticed that towards the end of the year they had an influx of support tickets regarding their packing process, some of which had elements that had broken during transportation.

Based on this feedback, throughout the year Løkke has been working on ensuring packaging and transportation is improved, as well as a compensation plan for those affected by any issues. 
When comparing November 2021 to 2022, customer concerns regarding their advent calendar were actually down by 26%.

“There’s two ways that I look at the data:
What kind of issues are customers having? 
How difficult is it to improve on this customer experience?
When looking at it through these lenses, it’s easier to prioritize what improvements need to be done and when.”
- Løkke Engraf

Improving CSAT Score

To improve their CSAT rating, Løkke arranged a meeting with her team to brainstorm where they find it most difficult to give the best customer experience.

Something they brought up was repeat issues such as items not being received or arriving defective twice in a row. Always looking to provide evidence of this to make sure she is best prepared, Løkke took to SentiSum to see if this was the case. 

It was found that, though these situations did happen, the team was not best prepared to deal with these particularly unhappy customers. It was then clear that equipping the team with best practices for dealing with them, as well as making help and support clear to customers on the website, was going to reduce a lot of friction for particularly unhappy customers. 

As a result of this, when comparing CSAT in the latter half of 2022 to the first, CSAT ratings of 5/5 had gone up by 9%.

Lakrids by Bülow have shown an impressive focus on the customer voice in 2022, with Løkke Engraf being a key part of this transformation, delivering results with a quantitative approach to qualitative data. We’re excited to see what’s next!

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