How this popular gaming company are using CS data to inform their product development strategies

This industry-leading gaming company deals with hundreds of thousands of support tickets every month and are championing the customer voice. Using SentiSum, they're making sure their stories are heard through quantitative and qualitative data across the entire organization.

After working closely with them for the past year, we've put together this case study to talk about how they're use data to inform their product development strategy and to tell customer-first throughout the business.

This customer has chosen to remain anonymous to maintain their competitive advantage.

How does SentiSum works

Step 1

SentiSum integrates with your support platform to uncover detailed insights from tickets.

Step 2

Qualitative topics are surfaced enabling closer CS and Product collaboration.

Step 3

Product strategies are influenced and aligned with customer feedback data.

Automatically Tagging Customer Issues

With a multitude of products, markets and technology to look after, it was proving difficult for the support team to get to the heart of customer issues using manual tagging, especially with limited reporting available within their support platform.

This is where SentiSum stepped in. By automatically tagging tickets as they come in using AI, we were able to provide a granular, quantified view of the data coming through in their support tickets.

“The voice of the customer is hugely important to us. We knew the data was there, it was just a case of being able to use it to tell the stories our customers were telling us.” - Customer support leader

Very quickly, the team were able to see which particular products were causing the most friction for customers and implement fixes for the challenges they were facing.

Root-cause Analysis

In any technology, bugs can happen. Product and Development teams need to be able to discover and solve bugs quickly to avoid customer frustration, especially when going live with a brand-new game.

It’s also important to have a meaningful way to monitor the customer voice during new releases so that you can intercept issues and get instant feedback to inform your next moves.

SentiSum allowed this gaming company to see all bug-related complaints coming in through their support and CSAT free-text data in real-time.
This meant that bug reports could be flagged quickly to the right teams, trends could be identified as soon as they appeared, and reports relating to new launches could be prioritised before getting in front of too many customers.

This functionality proved invaluable when the team identified a potentially impactful bug within 24 hours of a new release and flagged it to the development team to fix, preventing what would have been a loss in revenue.

Automatically Routing Tickets

When sensitive issues come through support tickets, it’s vital to ensure they’re handled immediately and effectively by the appropriate team.

This is why this organization's support team uses SentiSum’s auto-routing integration with Zendesk to ensure such issues are placed in front of the right people as soon as they come into the pipeline.

From Trust & Safety to Legal, SentiSum automatically identifies, tags and then routes tickets to the appropriate teams using artificial intelligence and a custom integration with Zendesk.

This means that delicate situations requiring specific knowledge can be resolved quickly before escalating any further.

Surfacing Unknown Issues

When looking at customer support data, it can be hard to catch anomalies and detect issues in the early stages as they are emerging.
This is something that the team were faced with until they started using SentiSum.

Very quickly, after noticing an irregularity within the data, the support team were able to deep dive and identify multiple illegitimate customer accounts and present this information to the trust & safety team.

This led to a block on certain IP locations due to an influx in these illegitimate accounts and stopping a huge revenue loss in its tracks.

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