Qualitative customer insight without the headache

SentiSum's text & sentiment analytics give you clarity on what customers love and hate, so you can drive up CSAT and maximise subscriber retention.

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Total per month

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  • Automated conversation tagging on two of your channels.
  • Unlimited logins to improve collaboration around insights.
  • Tags pushed to your reporting tool and help desk.
  • 100% customised AI model for increased accuracy.
  • 30-day free trial.



Total per month

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  • Automated conversation tagging on unlimited channels.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Unlimited logins to improve collaboration around insights.
  • Tags pushed to your reporting tool and help desk.
  • 100% customised AI model for increased accuracy.
  • 30-day free trial

Revolutionise how your team uses customer insights

Impactful customer experience insights

  • Text & sentiment analytics
  • Automated ticket tagging
  • Analyse 100% of CSAT & NPS surveys
  • Identifies real-time issues
  • Makes root cause analysis easy
  • Identify proposition changes

Collaboration tools to accelerate adoption

  • One central dashboard for all insights
  • Unlimited logins across the company
  • Simple-to-use user interface
  • Tailor insights to specific team needs
  • Add new tags when needed
  • Slice & dice data in new ways

All the features and functionality you need

Root Cause Insights
Any Contact Channel
Instant Reporting
Topic Analysis
Sentiment Analysis
Real-Time Tagging
Data Visualisation
Fully Customisable


What is SentiSum, and what can it do?


At our core, SentiSum is a text and sentiment analytics engine. Our technology understands free text in the same way a human would—all the nuance and context included. When applied to customer support conversations (tickets & calls) or customer feedback (surveys, reviews and social media) it uncovers two key bits of information: what is the customer talking about, and how unhappy is it making them? The insights revealed identify why customers are cancelling, CX improvement areas, and potential new proposition changes.

How can SentiSum help me drive customer retention?


SentiSum brings you clarity and collaboration. You'll get a detailed understanding of what's driving negativity in CSAT scores and which issues are contributing to customer churn—so you can tackle both. We've also built a simple-to-use dashboard and multiple collaboration features to make sure those insights are *actually* usable by teams across your company, so your CX insights can inform every team's roadmap.

How do SentiSum insights reduce cost to serve?


Our customers currently use SentiSum to drive operational efficiency in three areas. Firstly, automated tagging & reporting. Tagging is a pain to get right and often ends up being time-consuming for both agent and team leaders, removing the task is a big win. Secondly, with support insights widely available across the company (and backed up with quantitative evidence), everyone can work to reduce support queries. Finally, accurate tags enable other automated triggers. SentiSum customers benefit from auto-prioritisation and triage which both have been proven to reduce resolution time.

Will SentiSum understand the complex nuances of my customers?


You'll receive a customised AI model, which is built around your customer feedback and conversation data. It's built for you and your customers, meaning the machine learning will be able to understand even the most complex environments (including spelling mistakes and very niche issues).

Can I try SentiSum on my own data for free?


We offer a 30 day free trial. We'll build you a customised AI model and analyse 6 months of your historical data—which means you can see SentiSum in action on your own data before making any commitments.

Which companies use SentiSum?


Subscription companies like Gousto use SentiSum, as do eCommerce (Schuh), airlines (British Airways), travel (James Villas) and consumer goods (Nestle). It's a versatile product with particular benefit to companies with a subscription element.

Will my customer data be secure?


We take data privacy and security very seriously. With enterprise size customers like British Airways you can reassured that our security has been vetted well.

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