Speech Analytics

to improve

sales and retention

Leverage AI to qualify and score customer calls

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Gain new insights into caller sentiment and intent with advanced voice analytics

Leverage these insights to drive marketing strategy, customer service and quality management.

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Conversation Analytics call type

Measure every call

Take the guesswork out of your marketing campaigns by accurately and automatically qualifying every call thus giving you visibility into the campaigns that are driving leads.

Optimise campaigns

SentiSum not only gives you visibility into the campaigns that are driving your calls, but provides a full picture of the outcome of every call.

The result? You can make smarter campaign optimization decisions to drive more revenue-generating calls and more efficient campaigns.

Conversation Analytics call outcomes
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Reduce support calls

Understand customer frustrations to proactively address issues upstream to minimize support calls.

Gain valuable insights into your contact center and rep performance by intelligently analysing real-time and historic calls. 

Be the company your customers want you to be

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Let data lead the way

Leading-edge AI

Real ROI

Our neural network powered AI platform is designed to help you make sense of customer sentiment ten times faster than any other enterprise platform at a fraction of the price. 

Customizable Insights

Make it your own

Your data is unique, so your insights should be too. With the option to create your own AI models and custom charts, you can make every insight your own. 

Competitor Analysis

Stay ahead

As customer experience becomes a vital differentiator for purchase decisions, benchmark how customers talk about your brand vs. your competitors.