people , that is what is behind everything we value at sentisum.

We have technology at the tip of our fingers throughout most of the day. Yet we forget that behind every piece of technology are the minds that brought it into existence.
At SentiSum we make software but we are people. A group of smart people, working all over the globe, learning to hone their skills and experiment to find new ways to improve the way businesses connect with their customers.

 meet our team


Sharad Khandelwal, CEO

Sharad co-founded SentiSum in 2016 after spending 10 years in the corporate world of banking. Since then he has worked hard to cultivate a diverse team of people to collaborate and transform SentiSum. Sharad wants to change how big companies make important decisions. He believes that they should be moving from making decisions based on instinct to making decisions based on data. He is passionate about helping brands become customer centric by leveraging data and technology. He wants to provide them with the tools they need to provide the best customer experience possible.


Kirsty Pinner, Product Owner

Kirsty joined the SentiSum team in 2018 as a Junior Data Analyst. Her hard work and dedication saw her rise through the ranks to the position of the Product Owner. She got the start-up bug from her first job and then moved to SentiSum. She has always been interested in what makes a business successful and believes customer experience is central to success. Her view is that everyone can now compete on price and product, but customer experience is still where you can differentiate.


Axel Almquist, NLP Scientist

Axel joined the SentiSum team as an NLP Scientist in 2018 and has helped craft SentiSum into an excellent product. With a master in Language Technology, from Gothenburg University and publications in top-tier conferences, he is using his knowledge to help us on our mission to improve customer experience. He recognises that himself as a customer and it can be frustrating when companies do not listen hence he enjoys being apart of bridging the gap between customer and company.


Suhan Prabhu, NLP Scientist

Suhan became an NLP Scientist for SentiSum in 2019 and has balanced the work with his education. He has been pursuing a Masters in Computation Linguistics at IIIT-H. His research and forward-thinking has helped SentiSum to gain the maximum benefits from the technology. In Suhan's opinion, no company delivers and works without any flaws or mistakes. So it's important to know which aspects of the service provided are being enjoyed by the customer and which areas need improvement as in the end, good customer experience is all that matters.


Saba Fatima, Insights Analyst 

Saba joined the Sentisum team in 2019 bringing in a rich experience of Consulting, Analytics & Strategic Planning. She has a Masters in Business Analytics & Consultancy from the University of Hertfordshire and worked with new era startups on technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, & Remote Sensing. She believes that every customer data has a different story to tell about the brand, its challenges, and experiences and hence she likes to explore the data to understand what more is there other than mere Pricing & USPs offered by different brands to enhance their customer experience, she then uses these insights to help the brands understand their on-going dynamics and help them make data-driven informed decisions.


Mihaela Popa, Marketing Associate

Mihaela began working for SentiSum as a Marketing Associate in 2019 after graduating from her MSc in International Marketing at King’s College London. She is passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and marketing and believes the future of customer experience relies on a perfect synergy between technology and human interactions. Her role at SentiSum is to help current and potential customers understand the value behind combining human work with technology and the importance of having tools that would help bring the customer forward. 


Sounak Pradhan, Full Stack Developer 

Sounak became part of the SentiSum team in 2019 when he joined as a Full Stack Developer. He is currently a CS Undergraduate and works from India. Sounak argues that Customer experience is one thing that differentiates a successful product from an unsuccessful one. Hence it is important as a developer to view the product from the user’s perspective and make the customer experience as smooth as possible.


Arghya Bhattacharya, NLP Scientist 

Arghya is an NLP Scientist who joined the Sentisum team in the summer of 2019. He has completed his studies in India where he did a B.Tech in CS+ M.S through research in Computational Linguistics (IIIT H). He has a passion for using technology to improve Customer Experience as it is one of the few true metrics to correctly evaluate the success and effectiveness of the product. Hence he believes that focusing on customer experience is a good way of making sure that the company is consistently improving the product.

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Aishwarya Prakash, Insights Analyst 

Aishwarya joined the SentiSum team in 2019 as an Insights Analyst. She has completed her bachelor's degree at Visvesvaraya Technological University and has previously worked with a start up on Artificial Intelligence and Sentiment Analysis. She is passionate about data science technologies and likes to explore and gather different data to understand customer experience. She believes that a combined focus on data analytics and business knowledge helps achieving better CX decisions.