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Do you know what your customers are talking about? Learn how to make the most of your feedback!

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Introducing Senti: Your AI Analyst

Senti is your AI-analyst. She tells you what your customers feel so you can focus on fixing problems, not ignoring them.

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Senti can read

Consumer feedback is constantly growing online. There is a huge amount of data for businesses to manage and gain insight from. 

Luckily, Senti loves to read consumer feedback, and can do it 240x faster than any human.

Senti is super smart

Powered by state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, Senti identifies themes important to consumers and knows exactly what makes them unhappy.

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Senti reports everything

Use the live dashboard to uncover issues with key themes, sentiment and priority. 

No integration required and no software to install. Just use your usual web browsr to access key insights on the dashboard.

Senti can analyse 100,000 reviews in under 30 minutes. 
This would take any human 3 weeks. 
Senti is 240x faster and 4x cheaper

So far, Senti has analysed...

10,549,908 reviews

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Let data lead the way

Leading-edge AI

Real ROI

Our neural network powered AI platform is designed to help you make sense of customer sentiment ten times faster than any other enterprise platform at a fraction of the price. 

Customizable Insights

Make it your own

Your data is unique, so your insights should be too. With the option to create your own AI models and custom charts, you can make every insight your own. 

Competitor Analysis

Stay ahead

As customer experience becomes a vital differentiator for purchase decisions, benchmark how customers talk about your brand vs. your competitors.