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SentiSum's customer service analytics turns conversations into insight. Our AI automatically tags support tickets with unparalleled granularity, accuracy and timeliness.

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It's exciting to be able to easily show other departments what's causing huge increases in ticket volume or negative feedback.

Director of Customer Service, +$50m revenue fast-growth company

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About SentiSum

Who are we?

SentiSum is an AI-powered customer service analytics platform. We integrate natively to platforms like Zendesk and automatically tag every ticket in real-time with granular topics. Our platform replaces manual reporting, makes root cause analysis simple, and enables ticket routing and prioritisation.

Beyond the trial

What's our usual pricing?

Our price are bespoke, but they typically range from £1,000 per month to £3,000 per month depending on number of conversation and feedback channels. Our contracts are always rolling month to month.

What channels are available

Are we just Zendesk?

Thanks to fast integrations with help desks like Zendesk, Intercom, SalesForce and Freshdesk, and existing integrations across customer feedback methods, we integrate with almost every feedback or conversation channel.

Root cause analytics

Drive growth from support

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