16th July 2018

London based SentiSum set to bring market disruption with new AI proposition for customer insight

The big consultancies of the world are going to feel a shiver from the wind of change as they see the capability and the price tag of the new AI offering from SentiSum. With a solution able to read and analyse millions of consumer comments and deliver meaningful MI in real time, the days of the Customer Insights Project are drawing to a close.

SentiSum presents Senti © a Virtual AI Analyst who can work on your behalf 24/7. Senti loves to read consumer feedback from trusted sources. ‘She’ reads all the feedback you care about, whether this is about your competitors, your industry or your brand. Business leaders can now hire Senti weekly or monthly for reporting based on real, unfiltered, unbiased customer comments.

SentiSum CEO Sharad Khandelwal is excited about how Senti will impact the market. ‘For too long the big consultancies have used smoke and mirrors to justify big fees for this sort of research. Now SentiSum can provide real insights so much faster, for a fraction of the costs. Our current customers have been delighted to see the flexibility and the speed of delivery’.

About SentiSum

SentiSum provides a customer insights platform leveraging state of the art machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities enabling brands to identify and quantify their customer’s pain points across the customer journey. SentiSum’s solution can immediately help to improve customer experience and retention.

Based in London SentiSum‘s mission is to put the voice of the customer efficiently and economically on to the desk of every Business Leader.

For more information contact:

Jill Wilson
Business Development

Sharad Khandelwal