How to drive customer service CSAT from 30% to 90%

Nate Brown, Founder at CX Accelerator and CXO at Officium Labs
Nate Brown, Founder at CX Accelerator and CXO at Officium Labs
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What's in the episode?

In this episode of the State of Customer Service podcast, we chat to CX leader, Nate Brown.

He and his team at Officium Labs been working closely with a Fortune 10 gaming company to help build them a best-in-class customer service experience.

The goals of the project?

1/ By 2023, reach 80% customer satisfaction (30% baseline). They achieved 90% by 2021.

2/ Increase lifetime value by 15% by delivering customer support to MVP game players by 2023.

3/ Achieve 35% automation by 2023

The incredibly talented team at Officium Labs have been hard at work and have seen fast progress towards all of these goalsโ€”they've generated and protected upwards of $4m over the course of this project so far.

This episode will teach you all about their approach to the challenge and give you some customer service improvement takeaways to implement yourself.

P.s. If you're not already part of it, the CX Accelerator is a great Slack channel to join to meet others in the CX space.

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4.37 Introduction to the project

7:54 What is best-in-class customer service? How did they define that?

09:51 Where did you start on this project?

14:27 Creating personas

16:15 What concrete things made the change happen so dramatically in CSAT?

19:52 Focus on 'training' systems26:50 How are you building personas into what customer service teams see?

31:00 Power of centralising VoC data and approach to analytics in general

33:00 Identifying your listening opportunities and tackling siloed and feedback gaps

35:00 The useful insight you can get from customer support

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