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Grow sales and retention with the AI platform that truly understands drivers of your NPS

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Capitalize on the advancements in AI, to gain access to a whole new world of possibilities.SentiSum's AI platform understands every aspect of Customer Experience improvement cycle. 

Whether it’s through automatic analysis of every customer feedback to identify and prioritize real customer issues, monitoring every change or benchmarking against the competition, SentiSum stands to be a powerful tool the customer experience professional can integrate into their workflow.

AI for CX
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Let data lead the way

Leading-edge AI

Real ROI

Our neural network powered AI platform is designed to help you make sense of customer sentiment ten times faster than any other enterprise platform at a fraction of the price. 

Customizable Insights

Make it your own

Your data is unique, so your insights should be too. With the option to create your own AI models and custom charts, you can make every insight your own. 

NPS Drivers

Stay ahead

Understand every aspect of your product and services impacting your NPS to enable data driven prioritization.

Be the company your customers want you to be

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Everything you need to improve NPS


Insights from every chat, social post, review, NPS, CSAT survey or voice call.

API Access

Import the insights into your own reporting platform using our simple REST APIs.

Zero Integration

No integration required for public review channels like Trustpilot, Google, Reevoo, Feefo etc.

MI Reports

Beautiful and insightful reports for all the management reporting .

Industry Benchmarking

Select the public channels for your competitors to track against CX benchmarks.

Enterprise Grade

Highly scalable and secure platform to comply with enterprise standards.