SentiSum Platform Features

SentiSum Platform Features
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SentiSum uses natural language processing technology to turn customer support conversations into quantitative insight. But that's all behind the scenes.

What we do for you is to make all your customer support conversations accessible, browsable and quickly understandable despite there being thousands and thousands of them.

With SentiSum, you can choose three 'views' from which to view your customer support data.

The first view is a summary (pictured below).

future of customer service analytics

This page was built to convey the reasons your customers contact you in quick and easy way. You can select the channel you wish to see (e.g. email, live chat, voice, social messengers, Zendesk, etc.) and the time frame you wish to understand.

The platform will then show you the biggest increases—very powerful if you want to understand an unexpected increase in ticket volume—and the top reasons for contact—useful when it comes to trend analysis and when you want to know which issues most need your attention.

We've been excited to see our customers checking this page multiple times a day. It's become a way for customer service leaders to feel reassured and in-the-know about what's impacting their customers.

The second view is a deep dive.

customer service analytics future
Conduct easy root cause analytics

This view is built to make root cause analysis very simple.

Again, you can switch between input channel and time frame easily.

You'll then be able to use advanced filters to browse through customer contact topics in categories like theme and ticket type—these vary depending on your data.

In the example above, we've filtered by 'All Topics' which brings up the topics driving customer contact ranked by volume.

We've then clicked on a topic (the example used here is 'Payment Issue') which then reveals all the nuances of the customer pain points with the topic of payments. For example, 'Paypal' not working or 'Klarna broken' or 'Checkout issue'.

Our AI categorises your customer support tickets based on the data itself, so if payment issues are not a problem for your customers, this topic won't appear for you.

Once filtered for, you'll be able to browse all the individual conversations (between agent and customer) in that topic or subtopic. Allowing you to truly understand what's causing customer support tickets in that topic area.

The third and final part of our product is not within the platform. It's in your email inbox.

Customer service reporting future
Support ticket insights reporting simplified

We've found that people don't love logging in to dashboards. But they do want to know their customer insights at a glance.

So we push insights to you as frequently as you want in a place you're already checking: email.

A daily or weekly email summary can highlight issues that need attention and let you track performance continuously.

Our customers add a multitude of employees across their company to the email: from the C-suite to the marketing department.

This is especially powerful for two reasons:

1. As a customer service leader, it's near impossible for you to make change happen without the help of other teams. This email digest keeps the right people informed about issues their department is responsible for—for example, a broken button on the website created 500 support tickets this week and clearly needs fixing by the web development team.

2. It helps to create a customer-centric culture, where frontline customer interactions are shared company-wide and everyone feels 'in touch' with the customer.

We also enable ticket triaging based on our taxonomy and enable prioritisation of the most urgent issues facing your customers.

Sentiment analysis technology allows us to automatically categorise your customer feedback topics. You'll know which topics are most impactful to customer experience (negatively and positively).

Reach out to us for a demo to learn what we can do for you. Watch a short demo here and learn about your ROI here.

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