The Seven Powers Of Captain Insight

Posted by Katie Watson on Sep 16, 2019 5:02:35 PM

Our CX Superheroes blog series has been following the three different types of CX leaders we have encountered here at SentiSum. The most successful type of CX manager is Captain Insight. A question we have been asked a lot is what makes Captain Insight so good at her job. In this post, we reveal exactly what powers make her so special.

Captain Insight, like Manual Man, has an understanding of the value that data holds. However, unlike Manual Man, she has the powers to extract value from large amounts of data. If you aspire to be like Captain Insights then here are the seven powers that she has which make her the ultimate CX Superhero.

1. She has Multi-Channel Capability


1-25Today, when a customer wants a business to know something, they will do it the way they want. It might be through a call to a support team, an angry tweet, a poor NPS survey or the classic one-star review. Customers might not contact you the way you prefer them to. If you aren't listening on every single channel then you might just miss some crucial information.

Captain Insight accepts this. She won't ignore all the calls, tweets, reviews or Facebook comments because she prefers analysing NPS surveys. She is on every single channel, processing all the data and identifying the common aspects that appear in all of these channels.

2. She Can Process Data In Real Time 

You might work 9 to 5 however, when you shut down your computer and leave the office2-25, the world doesn’t stop. This does not mean you have to be awake and working in order to ensure a good customer experience. No one stays awake at the door every night to make sure they don’t get burgled. Instead they lock their doors and set an alarm.

Captain Insight has the power of processing data in real-time and then setting alerts for when problems arise. As we found out in our post about Fly-be, the reaction time to a customer experience disaster is time that allows a small problem to become a major disaster. Customers are always talking so you should always be listening.


3. She Can Map The Customer Journey


A good CX leader knows their customer. Captain Insight is able to provide the ultimate Customer Experience as she can understand the Customer Journey within nano seconds. Customer Experience can be like chess sometimes, it is better when you know the player's next move before they even do.

Today, Customer Journeys are much more complicated than they were in the past thanks to a growing number of touchpoints. To decipher the Customer Journey and all its complexities with only a pen and paper would take forever. This is why Captain Insight spent years honing her ability to map Customer Journeys, understanding the areas of improvement, so that she can make sure every touch point is a pleasant interaction for the customer.


4. She Can Explain What Drives The NPS Score


Knowing your NPS Score is easy. Yet, knowing what factors drive your NPS score, well that is a different challenge. A good way to think about it is that it is very easy to know when you are unwell. You have a feeling. However, finding the cause for your ill health is another matter and often that requires a visit to the doctor.

Captain Insight's success lies in her ability to not only know her NPS Score but to know what the drivers of NPS are. She is able to make positive changes within her company that improve her NPS scores. This means she is always directing her energy and time where it will have the largest effect.


5. She Can Analyse Sentiment 

5-2Where does all the data come from? People. The best CX leaders never forget this. Customer experience is all about the people and people are full of emotions. When a customer writes a bad review, they are angry or sad; it is important that emotion is not lost.

Captain Insight has the ability to analyse the sentiment behind every comment, review or tweet. She does not just know what the problems are, but she can also understand how they might cause frustration and stress.


6. She Can Benchmark Against The Competition

6-2A customer's experience with different brands is now a deciding factor for purchase. You can have the best price out of all the competition but if you have a reputation for late deliveries or rude staff then potential customers will go to your competition. Furthermore, knowing where your competitors are failing can help give you a competitive edge.

Captain Insight has the power to benchmark her business against competitors so she can ensure she always offers her customers the best. She knows their weaknesses so she makes them her strengths. Every time they lose a customer you can guarantee it is because they discovered Captain Insight offered a better experience.


7. She Can Measure


How do you know if something is successful if you do not measure it? 

Captain Insight has the ability to measure the impact changes have on the customer experience and can even predict what future changes might be successful. It can be a challenge to make impactful changes within large companies. However, when armed with accurate measurements to predict success, it is much easier to get consensus across the entire business. One of the reasons Captain Insight is so successful is because she is able to demonstrate to key decision makers the impact a good customer experience will have on the wider business due to her ability to measure.


What is shocking is that you don't need to be bitten by a radioactive spider to become Captain Insight! Please don't stand outside hoping that being struck by lightning will give you CX Superheroes. The truth is that there are actually tools that do all these things. Want to know a little secret? Even Captain Insight uses some of these tools when she is feeling too tired to use her own super powers.


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