The CX Superheroes Amongst Us

Posted by Katie Watson on Sep 1, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Customer Experience Superheroes are becoming a prominent part of the workforce. At M.I.C.E (Military Intelligence of Customer Experience) we have performed a detailed surveillance of the three supernatural customer experience managers known to us.


The Gut Insect 

Gut Insect ManName: The Gut Insect

Superpower: The ability to make important decisions with only his gut. Hence his decision making speed is incredibly fast; within minutes he can change the entire approach to CX. Even when challenged by others, he is able to insist that his way is the right way with absolutely no concrete evidence whatsoever. We expect hypnosis may be involved.

Weakness: Whilst he believes he is making the right decisions and he is making a lot of decisions, his success rate is very low. Analysis from our data team suggests for every successful decision, he has made seven failed ones. 

Last Known Location: Reflectively looking out of the office window, a location he refers to as his 'thinking place'.

Data Analysed: None. When asked to analyse data his response is to point to his head and say "Don't worry, its all in here."

Past Incident: At the product meeting, Gut Insect made an appearance. He argued that is was absolutely crucial that a completely new website is designed as customers hated the current one. When asked for data to support this decision he replied that he senses there is a lot and will send it right away. The location of this data remains unknown.

Suggested Action: In order to encourage a greater appreciation of data we have recommended a 'data analysis retreat'. Sending the Gut Insect to a remote location with only NPS Surveys, Food, Water and a mission to identify common themes. Hopefully when he returns he will no longer rely on his instinct but insights.


Manual Man

Manual Man

Name: Manual Man

Superpower: None. Manual Man has displayed no evidence of any supernatural power, he is classified by the department as a vigilante. His strengths are his determination and dedication to improving customer experience. 

Weakness: No one can fault Manual Man's character. However, he spends so much time attempting to analyse all the data that he has yet to realise there is a far quicker method.

Last Known Location: In the office at 20:00, reading TripAdvisor reviews whilst on his 8th cup of coffee. According to reports, a sleeping bag has been sighted under his couch.

Data Analysed: 20% of data received is analysed every week. 

Past Incident: Last quarter, Manual Man appeared at the board meeting thirty minutes late with large amounts of paper and an odd odour. He had been at the office all day and it seems all night analysing data. Unfortunately, he was not able to present his findings as he had not been able to discover what specific actions would improve customer loyalty.

Suggested Action: It has been suggested that upgrading his technology may help him. Our experiment of switching his Nokia Brick to a Smart Phone in the last quarter saw an increase in productivity of 120%.

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Captain Insight

Captain InsightName: Captain Insight

Superpower: Alongside her trusty sidekick, AI, Captain Insight is able to know exactly what customers want. Within 1 minute she can process all the NPS surveys from the previous week. She is then able to calculate the impact different actions would have on customer loyalty. The source of her power is unknown. Our scientist ruled out the possibilities of mind reading and time travel. It is suspected that AI is somehow involved.

Weakness: Unknown. 

Last Known Location: Giving a TED TALK on creating the Ultimate Customer Experience.

Data Analysed: All data received from multiple channels including Facebook, TripAdvisor and NPS surveys.

Past Incident: Last month there was a 58% increase in Customer Loyalty of Captain Insight. Her suggestion that low customer retention rate was a result of poor stock levels as 76% of customer data mentioned long waiting times for stock to arrive. The decision to switch supplier has improved customer satisfaction in multiple areas.

Suggested Action: We recommend a pay rise, Captain Insight is a truly sought after CX leader.
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