Seven Pearls of Wisdom from CX & Insight Leaders' Forum

Posted by Mihaela Popa on Nov 11, 2019 11:18:53 AM

Last week, our team went to the CX & Insight Leaders' Forum, organised by The event focused on the influence of technology on customer experience and gathered lots of CX enthusiasts under one roof, thus, there was no lack of innovative thought. As we believe great insight deserves to be shared, here are the seven pearls of wisdom we uncovered whilst listening to the amazing speakers.
1. Wrap technology with love
Wrap technology with love
Using technology to improve customer experience might be a great asset to your organisation. However, tech alone is not able to change the behaviour of your CX team, this is why, says Jonathan Winchester Chief Executive of insight6, you should always think of people first when committing to a new tech tool. Making sure your team has the right level of support and mentoring and clearly specifying the responsibilities of each team member is crucial to ensure the new technology drives behavioural change.
2. Always keep the golden triangle in mind
the golden triangle
Successful implementation of business intelligence requires more than just a technology platform. Mike Stevens founder of Insight Platforms suggested that organisations should always keep the golden triangle in mind – Technology, People and Process. To achieve organisational efficiency, there needs to be a balance between the three and a good relationship among them. The idea behind the golden triangle is you have to define the right people to be involved, have the right process in place to manage your activity, and the right technology to handle the load.
3. Make sure all your customer experience is inclusive
inclusive customer experience
Christine Hemphillco-founder of Open Inclusion challenged our idea about the concept of “normal” vs “inclusive” customer experience design. When designing a product, you should think of all your customers, including the ones with different needs. There should not be two parallel  customer experiences, your inclusive customer experience has to be  your customer experience. A good product design should be consistently good for everyone, otherwise you will miss a big chunk of potential customers. To make sure your customer experience is overall inclusive, you should first listen to your customers, generate insight and then design improved experiences.
4. Position your insights team in the right way
insights team
If you work in an insights team driving change for your customers is the most important priority, however, before doing that you have to start with driving change in your own team. James Wycherley, CEO of Insight Management Academy gave some brilliant advice on the way you should position your insights team to drive change. In a nutshell he defined five important steps to take, starting with the development of the insight team’s brand, so that it is easier for everyone including the team members to understand their role. Second you should promote the insight team, to drive awareness about it in the organisation. Third, you have to remember that good reputation rests on great experiences, therefore you have to make sure to share those. Next you should also respect the rhythms and rituals of your organisation, so that there is a good synergy between the insight team and the rest of it. And lastly, a good idea is to take advantage of your insight skills to look for insight in your own organisation, and position the team for future changes.
5. Think twice, tweet once
think twice tweet once
Pete Doyle, the founder and CEO of SocialRetail Group gave some advice to organisations who rely too much on technology and robots to respond to their customers’ queries, especially on social media. He shared some hilarious examples of robots getting it wrong when it comes to customer responses and outlined the importance of a personalised customer experience and having real, empathic people who can respond to your customers online and even take the initiative to go the extra mile, something customers would not expect but greatly appreciate.
6. Add some magic to it!
magical customer experienceJohn Mulholland, Senior Innovation Director from Prophet shared the story behind the creation of Tomorrowland and explained how they managed to create a magical experience for their visitors. Since its first edition in 2005, the festival has become one of the most important musical events of the year. Thanks to a well-defined customer journey that starts with a fair ticketing system, an extraordinary cultivation of excitement before the event, continues with a story-ification of each element of the festival (e.g. bracelets and pearls instead of money, dreamville village), an unmatchable setting and finally a magnificent after movie, they managed to bring customer experience to the next level. Leveraging on ideas from history, myths or movies can help create a magical customer experience. In the next few years it will be even easier to do so thanks to these three things: Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning + 5G. So, we don’t have to be afraid to create some magic!
7. Listen to your customer’s emotions
listening to customersAlthough we would like to think otherwise, as humans, we are not very rational and most of our decisions are driven by emotions. This is why, according to Alastair Herbert, founder of Linguabrand, it is important for companies to become good listeners and understand their customers’ emotions. A lot of brands die young because they don’t have a good grasp of how their customers really feel, hence, a great customer experience program will help brands live longer. By listening to your customers, you will understand their attitude towards change, what they really what and how they want it. The good news is that today there are some great tools to help you understand your customers’ sentiment, all you have to do is to start listening!
What was your favourite advice?
Ours was definitely the last one! Here at SentiSum we know the importance of listening to your customer's thoughts and emotions, and using insight to create strategies that would help you change your customer experience for the better.
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