Reading Emotions in Reviews: Puppy Love

Posted by Katie Watson on Jul 17, 2019 5:06:59 PM

Reviews can give an insight into the mindset of the consumer: what they believe, what they think and what they feel. They hold all the necessary information companies need to satisfy their customers. This is evident more than ever in the pet food industry.


Scientific research can tell us about the right percentage of protein based ingredients needed in Pet Food. However, when it comes to understanding how customers feel about their pets then businesses need to look now further than reviews to hear from customers themselves how they identify their own relationship with their pets. 

These reviews were extracted using Sentisum. The language used highlights that pets are part of the family and are treated as children. 

"And they call it Puppy Love" 

1. My Picky Little Eater

Picky Little Eater Review

2. My 4 Legged Child 

My 4 Legged Child

3. My Fur Children 



4. Our baby boy

5. Happy Kids 


The language of Reviews show that the Pet Food Industry is one where customer decisions are driven by their emotions. The way the pets are referred to is only one signal of this trend. The relationship between the owners and their 'fur babies' is a factor revealed through customer sentiment analysis and essential to anyone in the Pet Food Industry.

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