How to become a CX Superhero: Transform your Struggles into a Competitive Advantage

Posted by Mihaela Popa on Mar 4, 2020 9:00:00 AM

CX Superhero


For the past 3 years, we’ve spoken to hundreds of CX professionals about the challenges they face when trying to better understand their customers. In this article, you can read about the common struggles we discovered and get a highlight of the best solution to help you become a true CX SUPERHERO. 




Not understanding why customers leave

Do you know what makes customers give you that NPS score?

You spend hours manually going through reviews, highlighting what customers are saying. You move on to assume those are your brand drivers. But with such a limited sample size and lots of human bias in the equation, it's a gamble to think you'll get it right.

Not knowing why some regions/products have low NPS

Operating a business in different regions or selling different products means you need to know what's happening with each one of them. Let’s say your your products are performing well in UK but really struggling in Hong Kong. Even if you spend hours going through reviews you still won’t be able to find a pattern in the huge amounts of data so that you’re able to say ‘These are the 3 top concerns your customers are having at the moment, and this is how you can approach them’.

Having too many channels to deal with

In this digital age, customers have plenty of channels to share their latest awful experience. All you can do is making sure you keep on top of all those channels, reading the latest comments and promptly responding to complaints.  To do that you would need unlimited human resources. Which you don’t have. So, what ends up happening is a customer channel divide within your organization, with different people dealing with different silos and lots of separate reports circulating around.

Not being able to prioritise issues

Do your CX meetings look at plenty of issues, the same numbers, the same customer concerns, and most importantly no idea what actions could be taken based on the data you’ve got? No wonder you can't decide which problem is more impactful. Making sure the information you have is accessible and useful for decision-makers within the company is key to avoiding lack of action.

Incapacity to measure the impact of changes

Have you ever felt like after you’ve finally implemented a change, you are still unsure about the impact it will have on CX.
How can you know your actions brought the anticipated results? Well, if you are only using your gut feeling, without any data to back up your CX strategy, you don’t. With so many sources and so much volume of customer data, you can’t really measure the impact the changes will have until you analyse it all.
Now, let's be honest, if you have all these struggles it means you are still analysing your data manually. And, manually analysing your customer data is ancient.
There, I said it.
You are way behind.
You should ask your Alexa how is this still possible in 2020. This is just like you doing all your calculations with pen and paper when there is an excel sheet for that. 

There is Hope: Let's talk SOLUTIONS



Today, there is this magical thing called AI. And you can use AI to understand the meaning of any piece of customer conversation or feedback.

Tools such as SentiSum's AI platform 😉, are able to identify important topics, products, locations and whether customers are talking about these in a positive or negative way.

Then it's taking these topics and measuring their performance over time, against your NPS ratings, on your customer journey map, finding problem products and measuring those against your brand pillars.

It will do the job that took you hours in less than 5 minutes, giving you plenty of time to take much needed actions. Improving, accelerating and automating the analysis of all your unstructured customer data can turn that huge amount of chaotic data into clear, useful insights. You can finally be certain you are making the right decisions, and now, you have the data to prove it.

Not sure how it works? Here's a diagram to make things easier:SentiSum customer journey

Not convinced yet? Download the Case Study and learn how British Airways managed to successfully transform their struggles into a competitive advantage thanks to the superpower of AI!

British Airways Case Study


Being a CX superhero is easy if you have the right tools at hand. Ready to become one?



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