The Best Black Friday Offer - Exceptional Customer Experience

Posted by Mihaela Popa on Nov 27, 2019 12:18:46 PM

With Black Friday around the corner, your company has for sure prepared the best deals and is offering the best prices, but here’s something else to keep in mind - offering your customers the best customer experience!

Exceptional customer experience


With everyone competing so closely on price, an excellent customer experience might be a turning point in your favour for the customer's next purchase decision. The Institute of Customer Service suggests that retailers who fail to deliver ‘excellent’ customer service during Black Friday risk losing £1.4 billion in loyalty sales the following year. While customers who are treated well with "excellent" customer service can spend up to £53 more at a particular retailer, on average.


Here is a list of tips that can help you improve you customer experience during Black Friday:

  • Put yourself in your customers’ shoes

To avoid offering a different experience from the one you would like to, put yourself in your customers’ shoes by testing the whole customer journey from start to finish and identify areas of improvement that would help improve the customer experience.

  • Learn from your past mistakes

One important step you should take is to analyse your activity each year and identify areas of improvement. Listening to your customers' feedback and the issues they faced in previous years is a great source of insights that will help you avoid making the same mistakes again. 

  • Make sure your website has the right infrastructure to handle the extra traffic

A slow online shopping experience or payment errors are the most annoying thing for shoppers and will drive them to switch to another e-commerce retailer, so you must make sure the Black Friday experience is seamless and rewarding for your customers.

  • Show your attitude towards customer experience through the way you communicate

Your attitude can be shown through showcasing a CX commitment or a guarantee of a certain level of service, besides mentioning your low prices. Moreover, respond and engage with customers on social media to show that you are promptly dealing with any complaints or enquiries and not just talking about it.

  • Be available at all times

Black Friday deals run through the weekend until Cyber Monday, meaning that customers will be making purchases outside of customer service opening hours. To avoid angry customer reviews, a good idea is to let your customer solve their issues through self-service by using a chatbot to automatically redirect people to FAQ articles.

  • Reply to customer reviews

According to 89% of consumers read the replies to reviews, showing that for the customers not only reviews are important but also your company’s response. The replies you are giving are an opportunity to show customers you care and are willing to provide a great customer experience.

  • Don’t forget about your customers once Black Friday is over

And we don’t just mean send them more offers on Cyber Monday. You should engage with people afterwards as well, consider sending them special offers or personalized messages post-Black Friday and even throughout the year.

And finally, always remember that a great discount might make your customers happy for a day, but an exceptional customer experience will make them grateful for the whole year!  


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