Customer Feedback: Having it all in one place

Posted by Emma Muir on Jun 14, 2018 9:02:00 AM

How valuable would a single view of your customer feedback truth be to your business?

customer feedbackWhen we ask this question to the businesses we meet the answer is often – Priceless because getting an end to end view of the customer experience across your whole customer journey could revolutionise customer service.

I almost always complete product and service feedback requests from companies because I think they need to know how good or bad it is being one of their  customers. Most people that I know however,  just don't give any feedback and when I ask them why, they say that they are not convinced that anyone who can do anything about it will see what they say or even worse will ever do anything about it! The sad truth is that when we talk to companies this is often the case.

We know that many businesses already have customer feedback systems and analysis capabilities in place but we often find these are point solutions at a single transactional journey touch point or for each channel. Most customer feedback management systems do not bring all the customer feedback together and therefore do not give a complete picture. Which makes doing anything about it more challenging because it isn’t possible to see where the biggest changes need to be made to make the biggest difference to overall customer experience.

Many of your customers leave clues about their sentiment and experience throughout every interaction with your business. All this information is invaluable to the investment decision making process as to where it is best to improve things and what will deliver the biggest returns. Even better if you can combine this often anecdotal or anonymous customer feedback with other information that you do know about them from CRM systems and customer purchase systems, for example, what a fantastic insight you would then have!

That means collating the data from every customer touch point and in every format to create that single view of the truth – really knowing how good or bad is your customer service.

There is a huge range of sources of customer feedback data including but not exclusively:

Internal data sources

  • CRM
  • Purchase data
  • Website interaction
  • Call centre interaction
  • Emails
  • Postal
  • Market research
  • In person exchanges
  • Mobile apps
  • Chat forums

External Data sources

  • Demographic data
  • Review sites
  • Social media
  • Forums

 Your customer feedback data will be in a mixture of structured and unstructured forms and from across a whole range of channels. Bringing it together is not an easy task but this is exactly what SentiSum does, and it does it very well so that you can have your priceless single source of customer truth and it won’t even cost you that much. If you are able to actually do something with a complete view of your customer feedback perhaps more people will bother to leave feedback because they know that someone actually cares.

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