AI Transforms Feedback Data Into Actionable Insights

Posted by sharad khandelwal on Jul 4, 2018 8:45:00 AM

AI is being hailed as the new panacea to big data challenges and customer feedback data is just one of those in which it excels.

 Why you ask?

Because customer feedback data comes in lots of different forms, many of them unstructured like voice, texts, emails and social media all of which before the advent of AI could only be analysed manually. But now with embedded natural language processing capabilities and machine learning abilities AI can rip through your mountains of feedback, both good and bad, to find the trends, the sudden issues and the nuggets of information and insight that might just transform your  business from doing ok to stratospheric growth.

Wow – how does it do this?

SentiSum AI imageWell sadly that is our trade secret because we have developed very clever algorithms that search through the data in record time to identify the important stuff for you. If we gave away our secrets you wouldn’t want to take a more detailed look at the capabilities offered in the SentiSum platform because you would be able to build your ownJso I am not going to tell you all the details however I can tell you

AI or machine learning algorithms quickly work through your huge volumes of customer feedback data. Our customer insight as a service platform pulls this data together from across all your customer feedback systems in the business into a single view of the truth. From here the very clever algorithms get to work, learning more about your customers as they go to build an immediate, clear and consistent understanding of what is going on in your data.

This analysis is presented in user-friendly dashboard formats for your teams of marketing and customer experience experts and in fact for anyone on the business who needs to know what your customers are thinking about you. The really clever thing is that the AI platform is able to clearly identify what is working and what isn’t in your customer experience, at all touch points on your customer journey. At the top-level, graphs and charts can show general trends and benchmarks with recommendations of the next best action based on what is going to make the biggest impact to your business fastest – how clever is that.

The customer feedback management dashboards can be tailored to specific roles and functions in the business, giving people site of what information they need to do their jobs better. However it is not just the top level information that is available to you. It is really important sometimes to be able to drill down from the top-level insight to the detail sitting below it and really see what your customers are saying in order to get the fully picture. Our platform also enables you to do this. If you see an anomaly in the data and want to find out whats behind it then you can drill right down to the actual customer comments to discover what they are actually saying.  This is important because sometimes only the detail will do.

Us customer feedback experts at SentiSum have created the perfect platform for you to get the insight and intelligence you need to make the best customer service decisions every day. A single view of the truth, an intelligent system that delivers insight and relevance plus the added ability of being able to drill down and we mean really drill down to find out what sits behind the intelligence when you need to. Just talk to us and we will find a way to get your business ahead of the game in customer experience.

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