SentiSum - Customer Experience Insights

Getting all the facts is easy, but understanding the feelings behind them is complex

Review scores and behaviour tracking can give you datapoints, but the insight into customers’ feelings are in the words.Up until now these needed manual interpretation, impossible at scale.

“I liked some parts of the process but now looking back at it i would maybe do things differently”

John Smith - Retail Customer

Introducing Senti

Senti is your AI analyst. She’s your business’ 6th sense for feelings - delivering actionable insight. She’ll pinpoint problem fixes and opportunities to help your ratings soar.

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In a nutshell Senti can...

Read customer feedback 240x faster than any human.

Identify themes important to consumers and exactly what makes them happy and unhappy.

Help you overcome the human tendency to ignore or over-react to criticism, by prioritising real issues from the digital noise.

Brands that trust Senti

What would you do if you knew how your customers felt?

Seamlessly integrate with all your data

Find out how Senti can give your business a 6th sense for feelings.

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