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We process text from all your sources to get an accurate sense of what your customers are telling you.

We ingest: survey responses, call center notes, chat logs, CRM data, online reviews, complaints, and more

Fine grain understanding

Understanding your customer's expectations and needs in real-time is critical to your business success.

We quickly and accurately analyze unstructured text to find relevant information and make it work for your business.

Only insights that matter

Understand how your customer opinion fits into your business strategy. See the whole picture.

Unlike our competitors, we make sure to provide you with insights that are highly actionable.

We understand the sentiment expressed by customers.

So you can instantly find customers who are the most happy or the most unhappy.


Looking at all of your unified customer opinions is key to seeing the complete picture.

Without this, you will never truly understand your customers and their experiences with your brand.


We believe in allowing the facts in your data to speak for themselves.

With SentiSum you can categorize, slice and dice your data as much as you like.


Our process


Tech introduction

Determine whether SentiSum is a good fit for your company.


Pilot Project

Demonstrate the benefits of SentiSumʼs technology when applied to your data and use case


Phased Rollout

Upon the success of the pilot project, the solution is rolled out in phases.