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Understand your customers, improve your product and refine your service with SentiSum.

We use Natural Language Processing to analyze feedback from your customers

Companies collect massive amounts of documents, emails, social media, and other text-based information to get to know their customers better, offer customized services, or comply with federal regulations. However, most of this data is unused and untouched.

Using our deep technology, organizations can understand what is being said about their brand and products, as well as “how” it’s being talked about.

You can use our technology stack to analyze documents, emails, social media content and other customer interaction data to better understand what is being said about your brand and products. Our analytics suite helps quantify how users feel about a product, service or concept. We help you derive meaning from your data and better serve your clients.

API applications

Customer Experience Management

As every business knows that in the end, you won’t be in business for long if your customers aren’t happy with your products and services. But in the modern age of Big Data — when thousands of consumer reviews and discussions flood the Internet every day — it’s impossible to keep up with customers opinion when working by hand.

CEM professionals are forced to devote countless hours just sorting through Tweets, Facebook posts, TripAdvisor reviews, and other text documents — so why not automate the process?


Customer Voice Monitoring

A popular method for hearing consumer voices is through customer satisfaction surveys, often delivered at moments of truth in a customer’s journey through your services.

Close-ended survey questions are quick to analyze and easy to understand, but the good stuff is found in free-text customer responses. Traditionally, these sections have been tedious and difficult to mine for insight — but with SentiSum, natural language text is just as easy to understand as pre-written survey answers.

Available APIs

  • Data Ingestion APIs

    DB connector API

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    The DB connector API provides a super easy facility for us to plug into your siloed data sources, so we can distil fresh insight from all your state data.

    Data Stream API

    health: 100%
    Real-time analytics are key to future-proofing your organization for the unknowns that the future could bring. This API pools in real-time your data so that you are always on top of the ball.

    ZenDesk Pull API

    health: 100%
    We are constantly looking to provide even easier facilities for you to gain insights from your textual data. The ZenDesk integration is the first of many integrations that we have on our roadmap.
  • Data Normalisation APIs

    Feature Extraction API

    health: 100%
    The feature extraction API is our most popular product, with this you will be able to answer important questions like "What are my clients talking about the most?"

    Classification API

    health: 100%
    Our Classification API is effective, reliable, and fully customizable, capable of showing you everything from the broader picture down to the minutiae that drive informed business decisions.

    Feature Similarity API

    health: 100%
    We understand that there are tens if not hundreds of ways of saying the same thing, so we have built the feature similarity which enables you to quickly and easy create domain specific taxonomies.

    Sentiment API

    health: 100%
    So you want to know what people truly think of your business process? Our industry leading sentiment analysis API guarantees to provide accurate and meaningful insight about what's good and bad about your business.

    Emotion API

    health: 100%
    Emotions drive almost everything we do, while emotion analysis remained out of reach until today. We work with world leading researchers who have helped us create an API that can answer questions like, "What is my client's biggest frustration?"

    Category Configuration API

    health: 100%
    Categories help you sort large volumes of text, without actually reading them. Analyzing the equivalent number of documents by hand would take thousands of man-hours; automated categorization of text saves you time and returns immediately-actionable results.
  • Data Aggregation APIs

    Top Pain Points API

    health: 100%
    Every business is different, so rarely does the cookie cutter approach work. We have developed this API so you can instantly know what are your top Pain Points for any customer segment at any time.

    Top Features API

    health: 100%
    Sometimes knowing what your client's pain points look like will not be enough, with this supplementary API you can find out exactly what are the most common topics of conversation between you and your clients.

    Top Strengths API

    health: 100%
    Everyone pays attention to the negatives but rarely do companies understand what their actual strengths are. Knowing and growing your strengths is the key between good and great companies.

    Top Categories API

    health: 100%
    For senior management the ability to see from the bird's eye perspective is vital when it comes to making strategic decisions. This API does exactly that.

    Category Stats API

    health: 100%
    Similar to the "Top Categories API" but with much more detailed insights regarding all your categories. Useful for caching insights on your own back end.
  • Granular Insights APIs

    Top Positive Comments API

    health: 100%
    Nothing is more valuable than seeing the actual opinions from your customer organized in an easy to understand way, this API allows you to see the exact comments regarding any feature, emotion or category.

    Top Negative Comments API

    health: 100%
    Not only can you see the top pain points for your business, but seeing the pain points mentioned in their natural context will take your understanding to the next level.

    Top *emotion* Comments API

    health: 100%
    Seeing the comments that are "Frustrating, Disappointing, Satisfying and Delighting" your customers is super valuable for identification of root CXM problems.

    Review Summary API

    health: 100%
    A unique API that summarizes your data into representative summaries per segment, time or location, so you or your customers can see the clear picture with minimal effort.

Data expertise in:

Ratings & Reviews

Process reviews from sites like TripAdvisor, Bazaarvoice, Reevo and others for insight into customers emotions, preferences and concerns.


Aggregate, combine and analyze survey responses to make the most of what your customers or employees are saying.

Support Tickets

Categorize, track and analyze issues from a variety of sources to route actionable items to the correct people. SentiSum processes internal chat, support tickets and collaboration content from the likes of ZenDesk, SalesForce Chatter, Jive and InPerson.


Improve operational effectiveness and agent performance by analyzing customer's emails for insights, trends and sentiment about your products.

Blogs & Forums

Process customer's feedback from blogs, forums and user communities.

Our process


Tech introduction

Determine whether SentiSum is a good fit for your company.


Pilot Project

Demonstrate the benefits of SentiSumʼs technology when applied to your data and use case


Phased Rollout

Upon the success of the pilot project, the solution is rolled out in phases.